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Eagle Mountain Lake News & Notes November  2018

Happy Fall from the Royal Bull Yacht Club

Greetings lake & land peeps from the Royal Bull Yaght Club!

Still in it for the fun and sun. If you haven't been receiving regular notifications on  updated editions, don't worry, you haven't been taken off the list. I've been busy as usual having fun and writing down that Pulitzer Prize winning story LOL. Just in case, you may want to check that spam folder in your email to make sure that your notification didn’t get marked as spam. As always, I do not use your email to spam you or give it out to some telemarketing firm to send you male treatment ads. You inbox will not get bombarded by me with ridiculous rhetoric. 

Now we're officially into the fall season and as usual we had another great summer out on the lake with the exception of a few small incidents. For instance, the burning down of the Twisted Oar floating restaurant over @ Eagle Mountain Marina. You can catch up on the story right here if you missed it: Their are no plans as of this writing to rebuild this restaurant. 

As you’ve also heard the Flight restaurant at Harbor One Marina shut down in July amongst amid lawsuits etc. One thing I’d like to make clear about this former restaurant is they didn’t shut down because of lack of business. They were somewhat profitable the last 2 years they were in business and rumors you have heard about this location being jinxed are simply not true. I wish I could tell you the real back story on the this situation but I’m liable to get sued for libel. The latest rumor I’ve heard though that I can maybe say is that it will re open as a steak and sea food place. That’s all the details I have at this time. We certainly appreciate the efforts of David & Jamie Bryan for bringing us Flight the last 4 years. They certainly supported all the lake peeps. 

Texas Pit Barbeque up at Lakeview Marina had a great and successful run this past summer. They will be closing for the season this coming weekend but they’ll be back in the spring for sure. Many thanks to them for bringing a successful barbecue venture to the lake. 

That leaves us with the only lake establishment still operating after all these years. Augie’s. Many thanks to AW & Sheila Pierce for bringing us great lake entertainment and great food all these years. They will continue to make the efforts to keep bringing you the latest and greatest live entertainment. They will continue to make the necessary adjustments to make your experiences there more enjoyable. They do listen to your constructive criticisms. 

If you haven’t heard this info yet but West Bay Marina & RV Park has changed ownership hands. Yes, Mr Pruitt and his family have sold it to the Lakeview Marina group. They have already begun to make changes all around the property and have big plans in the future. You’ve already seen what they’ve done to Lakeview Marina over the past 4 years. It’s turned out to be a A+ class marina. They have done such a wonderful job with this property and as of this writing they still have a waiting list for slips.  One change that will not happen is that Walter Covington will remain on as GM. He has done a fine job over the years and the new group seems to agree with me. The weekend grill is top notch. They continue to win these awards over the years. Thank you Walter & ReAnne for your continued support. 

Lots of videos and pictures chronicling this event. 

The weather is still fantastic out on the lake. As I predict that we’ll have good temperatures up till mid December. 

Winter is a short time away. If you have a trailered boat or a boat that’s not in the water, you should get to your winterizing by no later than Thanksgiving . I’ve been helping some you get that accomplished before we get that real bad freeze. I ran into no fewer than 10 boats that failed to do a winterization this last year and you guessed it, a cracked engine block. You don’t want to play Russian Roulette with your boat. Read my article on how to winterize your boat if you haven’t done so already: or if you don't want to do it give it a shot give me a shout at to get you taken care of.


Now it was that time of the year again for our annual "Parade of Lights" which will be held on the early evening of December 1st, 2018. This years event will be brought to you by: 

Trey Tabor getting his boat ready for parade action. 

Paul Auger getting ready for the 2018 Parade Of Lights. 

I’m trying to get this boat ready

2018 Parade Of Lights Boat Preparation

Lights are coming on. 

This event will play out almost exactly as it did last year with a couple of exceptions. Last year was a great success if you missed it. You can see that by clicking on the link: 

To see how this event has played out the previous 2 & 3 years back, click on these links: 
2015 Parade Of Lights 

2016 Parade Of Lights 

The starting place will be again at Eagle Mountain Marina and end up at Eagle Mountain Marina where awards & prizes will be given out. Free boat launching will be offered at Eagle Mountain Marina for trailered boats.  Starting time on the parade route will begin around 5:30 PM - 5:45 PM. Parade route will be as follows:

Their will be prizes again offered for different boat categories and costumes. Again, I suggest you look at the above previous years links to see how much fun this is. 

I don’t have to tell you the efforts of the people that spend the time decorating their boats. Just ask my crew. We do it every year for the people on shore for their viewing enjoyment. It costs me on the average $300.00 to do this. Of coarse their are several others that manage to do it cheaply and end up winning for best decorations. 

If you want to participate in the Parade Of Lights this year which I strongly encourage you to do then go ahead and do the following:  

Email me back @ and I can get you down on the list. It will certainly help the event organizers of the event. Also, helping in docking arrangements for your size of boat. 

Make sure you include this info: 

Make, model, year, of your boat.
Length & width of your boat. 
Type of boat. Ex. Runabout, Pontoon, Cruiser, Sailboat, Dingy, etc. 
Name on the back or the side of your boat. 
Email address & cell phone # 
Cost to enter your boat: $50.00
Proceeds will be going to a charitable cause. 

If your interested in being a sponsor for this event contact me also @ Your name will be prominently displayed if you want. 

More detailed details on the event are here including the route:

Questions on the event I usually get: 

1. Many people have asked where would be a good place to view the boats in the parade. My suggestion would Eagle Mountain Marina or Augie’s. The boats will be staging inside Eagle Mountain Marina and going right by Augie’s as you can see on the route map. If you miss them leaving you can catch them coming back. 

2. I want to enter my boat in the parade but I don’t have an onboard generator to power my Christmas lights or I have a generator that doesn’t work. My suggestion would be is to get an inverter and hook it up to your battery. They aren’t very expensive and you can get them at Walmart.  Use LED lights they hardly use any power. 

Any other questions don’t hesitate to email me:


4 Steps To Take If Your Outboard Quits

You're putt-putting along pretty as you please, when suddenly your 

outboard dies. Major bummer!

Photo of a lanyard

Check out these steps that have helped me over the years  

  1. First, make sure you're safe — power losses can be dangerous if there are heavy seas or bad weather. If possible drop an anchor or deploy a sea anchor to keep your bow into the waves, and if a storm is brewing, batten down the hatches and lower any antennae, fishing rods, or outriggers that may attract lightning strikes.
  2. FUEL problems are often the reason for a sudden shutdown. Check the filters and/or fuel/water separators, and make sure they're not clogged. If you've recently started using gas with ethanol, it can act as a solvent to loosen gunk in the tank that can quickly clog the filter. (You have a spare, right?)

    Next, check your fuel supply, the primer ball, vents, and fuel lines — in that order — to make sure you have a flow going. If there's too much pressure, suspect a faulty fuel-line connection; if there's negative pressure, you have a venting problem; and if there's a complete lack of pressure, you probably have an air leak in the line. If the system looks good (and especially if the engine shuts down suddenly, completely, and without warning), chances are you have water in the fuel. If that's the case, call TowBoatUS because you have a more serious problem.
  3. If the fuel system checks out, then ELECTRICAL problems should be your next suspicion. Obviously, if your battery is completely dead, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. But there are some other common electrical problems that can leave you high and dry, yet can also be easily addressed. One is a faulty safety switch, which “thinks” the engine is in gear even when it's in neutral. So, give the throttle a jiggle, then try holding the key on while shifting the throttle through neutral.

    If the engine turns but won't catch, your engine cutoff switch may have a short. This happens often when the switch is mounted horizontally on an exposed helm, where water can pool and get into the switch. Try circumventing it, and see if this gets you back in action. Simply look behind the helm and find a black wire with a yellow stripe, which leads to the switch. Disconnect it, and then try the key again.

  4. If the cut-off switch checks out OK, then it could be that a TEMPERATURE issue shut you down. Usually, that's the result of a lack of cooling water. If the outboard isn't discharging water at the usual rate, you could have a serious problem that requires attention on land. Before you give up hope, however, check the raw water intakes on the lower unit. Sometimes a plastic bag, a piece of paper, or some seaweed gets sucked in and stops the water flow. Remove the discourteous clog, and you'll be fine.

Another relatively common problem comes in the form of a stuck thermostat. Sometimes you can pop it free and clean it up, and then continue on your merry way. If none of these quick fixes work, then you may have to wait for that tow. If so look at the next article right below this one. 

What do I do if I need a tow. This video will answer all your questions on that. 

What to do if you need your boat towed on the lake.

How do you know your boat's weight limit if you don't see this sticker affixed in the inside of the boat. I'm sure this will come in handy when you determine how many lake peeps you can take out on your winning boat for the "Parade of Lights".

My boat's weight limit calculations are: 42' Length x 13' width = 546  546 / 18 = 30 people. So I guess that means that "Classy Lady" only can have a limit of 30 lake peeps. 

Construction! Construction! Getting to the lake may take take a couple of minutes longer.

If you haven't noticed yet Boat Club Rd. is being expanded. Read about it right here:
Watch out for the police!!! They are there at least 50% of the time waiting to pull you over for speeding in a construction zone. 

Lake & land peeps study this article carefully and learn it, know it, and live it.

Contact me @ to find you a boat. 

Lake Level Report

We are full as of November 1st, 2018

This show back in May was a tremendous success. Read all about it here: 

Do something about this. This crud is killing our boat engines. 

BoatU.S. needs your help with a petition to the new Administration and Congress to protect your boat's engine. Please take a moment to help us send a strong message that it is time for the broken renewable fuel/ethanol policy to be fixed. 

The 12-year-old Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a federal law that forces more ethanol into the nation's gasoline supply. The only way to meet this government mandate is to add more ethanol to gasoline, beyond the current widespread 10% level, or E10 blend.

The current RFS policy is trouble for boaters:

Gasoline with more than 10% ethanol has been shown to damage boat engines A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory conclusively demonstrated that E15 damages boat engines. As the RFS forces E15 and higher blends into the market, the chance of harming your boat’s engine increases.
You could put the wrong fuel in your boat While gas blends with more than 10% ethanol are prohibited for use in recreational boats under federal law, a 2016 Harris Poll found that 64% of consumers were not sure or did not pay attention to the type of gas they used. Pumps dispensing blends greater than 10% ethanol are only required to display a small orange warning sticker raising the chance of misfueling your boat.

Higher ethanol blends are becoming more common E15 and higher ethanol blends can now be found in at least 23 states, often at the very same roadside gas pumps dispensing E10 fuel. With only the one warning label, boaters have to be extra vigilant to prevent misfueling with engine damaging ethanol blends.

You could face big repair bills 87% of readers of a prominent boating industry publication reported seeing customers with engine damage caused by ethanol. While modern marine engines are designed for E10, higher ethanol blends of 15%, 20% and even up to 85% ethanol, will cause even more damage to boat engines.

Can you count on your engine when you need it? Boat engines that are unreliable due to ethanol issues are a safety concern for every boater. When the weather turns and you need to count on your engine, there should be no question whether it will get you home.

Gas without any ethanol is becoming harder to find The RFS arbitrarily limits the supply of ethanol-free gasoline (E0), a fuel that many boat owners prefer to protect their engine.

BoatU.S. is calling on the new Administration and Congress to reform this broken government mandate and make certain there is gas available that will not damage your boat. Use the link below to add your voice:

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a law passed in 2005 that requires the blending of biofuels such as corn-ethanol into our gasoline. To keep up with this mandate, in 2010 the EPA permitted E15 (fuel containing up to 15% ethanol) into the marketplace, but only for some automobile engines. E15 is prohibited to use in marine engines. It is also prohibited to use E15 in snowmobiles, motorcycles, small engines like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, as well as any car or light-truck made before 2001. Click here for more information on the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Thanks for being a BoatU.S. member and for taking action to tell the new Administration and Congress how more ethanol in gas will affect you.
David Kennedy
BoatU.S. Government Affairs
(703) 461-2878 x8363

My Tip To You For The Week

Frozen Zippers


Zippers with metal slides have a bad habit of becoming frozen with corrosion even though the teeth of the zipper are plastic. If you use force, you'll ruin the zipper. Instead, stand the cushion with the zipper up and place a small rag soaked with vinegar over the corroded slide, cover the rag with a piece of Saran, and wait. The acidic vinegar will dissolve the corrosion and free the slide.


Mark Your Calendars 

Come out and join this fine organization that has been apart of this lake since 1989. If you need more info contact me @ or click on this link:

Their are some other fine lake organizations to join and again I'll say it that boat ownership is not required. They don't cost hardly anything and fun to be apart of: 

Fort Worth Power Squadron - contact Doris Edwards for more information or look at the link at the left of the page.
Cowtown Mariners - contact Dennis Bradley
for more information or look at the link at the left of the page.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Eagle Mountain Lake - contact George Ott Webpage:

Save Eagle Mountain Lake (S.E.M.L.) - contact Keri-Dawn Powers

Good rates here. Check West Bay Marina out for a cheaper alternative.

Here's a way to crack into the boating business

Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, we are offering a special for new members that sign up for the Captains or Admiral levels. When you sign-up and pay the $2000 (plus tax) initiation fee and 1-month deposit, you will receive an extended membership without monthly membership dues until April 2017. Your membership will run until March 31, 2018. That is 8 months of free membership!! 

Contact Rob Cunningham at 469-404-3852 to take part in this unbeatable offer.

Or...Sign-up and pay a $500 (plus tax) initiation fee, and have the regular monthly membership dues for the 1-year membership.**
**Prior rental dollars can not be applied to these offers.
Your Gateway to the Boating Lifestyle

Suntex Boat Club is dedicated to providing you with premium boats to have the best time possible on the water. Whether you are an avid fisherman or wakeboarder we have the right equipment ready for you. 

Contact Rob Cunningham at 469-404-3852 to set up your tour at any of our locations in DFW.

Suntex Boat Club Boat Rentals

Lake Map

Remember that in Texas:

  • Children under 13 years of age in or on vessels under 26 feet must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable PFD while underway.
  • All vessels under 16 feet (including canoes and kayaks) must be equipped with one Type I, II, III or V for each person on board.
  • Vessels 16 feet and longer, in addition to the Type I, II, III or V for each person on board, must have one Type IV throwable device which must be readily accessible. Canoes and kayaks over 16 feet are exempt from the Type IV requirement.
  • For more complete information, check the The Water Safety Act.

    "Classy Lady" out again this past weekend. 

    Lake Celestial 2017

    Ginny Tabor - February 2017
    Andy Butchard - August 2017

    Don't forget about your Vessel Saftey Check! 

    It's that time of year to get your vessel safety check done on your boat and George Ott around Eagle Mountain Lake is the man to do it. He does mine every year. You can reach George by email:

    Flotilla 5-5 Contact and Meeting Information

    Serving the Eagle Mountain TX Area

    Meeting Location:6500 WELLS BURNETT RD
    Meeting Time:First SAT OF EACH MONT of each month, at 10:00 hours.
    Contact Phone:(817) 602-2927
    • Flotilla Commander (FC)
    • George G. Ott
    • Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC)
    • Scott W. Strange


    If you need your boat worked on, washed, insured, etc. click on this link to get those services:

    For example, Rick Hasty, who I use quite frequently. As a matter of fact I used him yesterday to pull a prop underwater. He has all the tools and then some. He cleaned my bottom also. Some of you that I've talked to have not had your bottom cleaned especially my sailboat friends. Lake peeps, it doesn't cost that much. Mine was $175.00. Yes that's right. That was for my 42' boat. Yours will be a little cheaper. He's goes by the length of the boat. It's like having your bottom power washed except for its in the lake and you don't have to have your boat pulled out. 

    Bottom Cleaning/Prop Inspection/Lost Items In The Lake - ScubaNubs Dive Service

    Website with testimonials:

    Call Rick Hasty of Scuba Nubs to book this service. I've used this service for the past 5 years along with a few people on this email list and have been very pleased. His services are well worth the price. You'll be pleasantly surprised. He's already doing your neighbor's boat and others around the lake. While he's down under your boat he'll check your props and shafts to make sure nothing is wrapped around them. You'd be surprised what gets tangled up on these things. If your props are bent or damaged he can fix that too. Having this done will help your bottom immensely. It doesn't matter what size your boat is. He does: sailboats, powerboats, cruisers, etc. Give him a call @ (817) 706-9556 or email him @ or visit his Facebook page @ he also has an underwater camera that will shoot video of your bottom. Check this one out on my boat.

    Bottom Inspection On My Boat


    Check this prop out that was pulled on my neighbors boat. Leaving something like this could do great damage to your boat. Believe me!!!!

    Boat Cleaning & Detail


    Ship to Shore Boat Cleaning Services By Jack Buffington

    A lot of boat cleaning services have come and gone on the lake but one has remained constant throughout the years and that's Buffington's Ship To Shore Boat Cleaning Service. I use this  service every weekend and when I get to my boat on Friday afternoon it's all nice and clean ready to go. This service saves me at least 3 hours of work every weekend. At a very reasonable price. The Ship To Shore team will get you cleaned up and shined for every boating weekend. Give them a call @ (817) 688-6378 they're  already servicing boats at every marina and private residences on the lake. They also do boat detailing. 

    Bands & Entertainment On The Lake This Weekend! 

    Bands that are playing this weekend on the lake can be viewed here. Just click on the link below

    Trey Bull - captain of the "Classy Lady"
    Go Tech!!!!

    Instructions on how to navigate through this site: 

    This webpage should be much easier for you to navigate through compared to the previous OneDrive format that took forever for you to load up on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet. Everything is in sections now and will be updated every week. Pay attention to sub categories at the bottom of some pages. 

    For example, if your wanting to know what bands are playing at your favorite on the water restaurants then click on the "Entertainment On The Lake This Week" tab. If you want to know what events are happening on the lake this weekend just click on the tab "Events On The Lake This Week" to see about the tie up. 

    Like I said before go through these categories on the top left side to see updated info. Also the sub categories at the bottom of some of the pages. Feedback is important. Remember this is your newsletter as much as it is mine. Comments can be sent back to my email address: