Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club

Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club History

The Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club ("EMCBC") was formed in February 1989 to promote the restoration and enjoyment of Classic and Wooden boats. Although there were other clubs like ours, there were none in Fort Worth, Texas. Members of the Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club share our ideas, experiences and resources. Each one of us comes from a different walk of life and profession, however we all share a common interest in antique and classic boating. Some of our members have classics such as  Chris-Craft Commander, Chris-Craft Cavalier, Chris-Craft Constellation, Chris-Craft Roamer, Chris-Craft Catalina, and many other models of Chris-Craft. Also, Century, Carver, Elgin, Garwood, Owens, Higgins, Thompson, Correct-Craft, Lyman, Elko, Hacker-Craft, Burns Craft, Riva, Roughwater, classic sailboat brands, canoes,  and Yellow Jacket.  We also organize fun activities each month. where we can share and enjoy our common interests, such as our annual Boat Project, wherein members actually construct a small craft or restore a Classic Boat to show condition for display and auction at our Annual Wood Waves and Wheels Classic Boat and Auto Show held in May each year @ the Fort Worth Boat Club. 

Our Goal

The goal of the chapter is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of antique and special interest watercraft of all types by:

  • Promoting public displays and recreation of member boats.
  • Acting as a historical repository for boating related information.
  • Encouraging social activities to members and their families.
  • Promoting education and preservation through technical workshops with subject matter expert’s.

Winter Restoration Workshop

The Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club restoration workshop gives the opportunity for classic boaters to come together to learn and share knowledge about classic boating and the preservation of vintage and wooden classic boats.

Topics covered at past workshops include wood boat repair, boat plank replacement, stripping, staining & varnishing wooden boats, fiberglass boat repair, and engine maintenance. EMCBC Classics auction / swap meet is held at this event and where attendees bring unwanted marine “stuff” to donate to the club for the silent auction. Proceeds help fund our activities.

Each year the workshop is organized by our Workshop Event Chair, Dan Sober.

We Welcome Topic Suggestions and Volunteer Speakers for our meetings and workshops

If you would like to suggest topics OR volunteer to be a speaker,

at the next meeting or workshop please contact:

Trey Bull, President 

Email: louisbull@charter.net  

Dan Stober, Workshop Event Chair
Email: dswlight@flash.net 

Boat Show Entry Form

May 9th, 2020

@ the Fort Worth Boat Club



ADDRESS ______________________________________________


CITY _________________________  STATE _______  ZIP _________________


CELL PHONE  (_____) __________ WORK PHONE (_______) ______________

E-mail: _________________________________


CLUB AFFILIATION ________________



MODEL YEAR OF YOUR BOAT : ______________________


MODEL NAME: ________________________________


LENGTH:  _____________________  BEAM: _____________

NAME ON THE BACK OR SIDE OF BOAT: ___________________________

SIGNIFICANT HISTORY / INTERESTING FACTS: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________







  E:  CONTEMPORARY 1968 and up

I agree to display my boat(s) at my own risk.  I will not hold the Fort Worth Boat Club and or The Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club responsible for any damage that may result from attending this show.


SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________


Kick Off Dinner Friday night May 8th, 2020 @ Fort Worth Boat Club @ 6:30 PM RSVP required. Do you plan on attending the Kick Off Dinner: Yes_______No________

Cut, Paste, and return your entry form to me



Trey Bull/​Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club

7336 Rocky Ford Road

          Fort Worth, Texas 76179


We also host an End of Summer Party, Annual Christmas Party and participate in the Parade of Lights on Eagle Mountain Lake. 

Our meetings are generally held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 7:00 PM. We usually have a social time beginning at 6:30 PM, followed by informative programs or special event-planning sessions. If you would like to join us, please check our Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/EagleMountainClassicBoatClub for the location of the next meeting and other info about the club. You may also wish to be added to our mailing list for our monthly newsletter by submitting your application for membership located under the "Join the Club" section of this web site. ($50/family - cost of membership). Updated information is disseminated to members via our newsletter. We welcome visitors and guests to our meetings and special events any time and hope you can join us. Thank you for visiting EMCBC.comThis is one fine organization on the lake that's really fun to be a part of and that's the Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club.

*******NOTE - Boat ownership is not required to join! Their are plenty of members that have boats and a few that don't have boats. We hope that non ownership of a boat will not discourage you from joining. Their are plenty of members that would love for you to ride with them on their boats when we take take them out. Especially me.... Here's a link to your membership application: https://sites.google.com/site/treybullemlnewsletter/eagle-mountain-classic-boat-club/membership-application

Check out this video of our Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ The Fort Worth Boat Club on May 7th, 2016 

2016 Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ the Fort Worth Boat Club

Check out this video of our Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ The Fort Worth Boat Club in May 2015 

2015 Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ the Fort Worth Boar Club

Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ The Fort Worth Boat Club in May 2013 

2013 Wood, Waves, & Wheels Show @ the Fort Worth Boat Club

End of the summer party, September 2015 @ Andy & Ann Butchard's house on Eagle Mountain Lake https://www.facebook.com/CowboyinFtWorth/videos/1028719673826962/

Current Officers Of The Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club are

Pictured from L-R Treasurer Cyndi Herbig, President Trey Bull, Secretary Lynda Elliot, Vice President Gary McGinnity

President - Trey Bull  Email: louisbull@charter.net

Vice-President - Gary McGinnity - Email: gary.mcginnity@gmail.com

Treasurer - Cyndi Herbig - Email: cherbig@att.net

Secretary - Lynda Elliot  - Email: roodogs@aol.com

Social Chairman - Cyndi Herbig, Wanda Spriggs, Trey Bull, Amanda Arnwine, Lynda Elliot

Membership Chairman - Trey Bull & Jacob Macias jacob.air.151@gmail.com

Newsletter Editors - Trey Bull Email: louisbull@charter.net , Wanda Spriggs Email: Spriggs57@gmail.com 


Jacob Macias - Email: jacob.air.151@gmail.com

Art Brees -  Email:  artbrees@att.net

Wanda Spriggs - Email: Spriggsw57@gmail.com

Chairman Emeritus & Director & Advisor to the board 

Dan Stober - Email: dswlight@flash.net 

Some other members in & around the lake that are a part of this organization are:

Robert Aldrich 

Odie Alvarado 

Amanda Arnwine 

Paul Auger / Jessica Thomas 

Skip Bethea 

Gordie Bittner 

Jerri Spang Bittner 

Art Brees 

Major Jim Boswell 

Ann Butchard 

Wayne Chester/Paula Ibas 

John Clingman 

Allen Courtney 

Karl Dietz

Don Dinger

Julie Dixon 

Doris Edwards

Clay Ellerbee 

Chad Ellerbee 

Linda Elliot 

Steve Fleming 

John Fischer  / Sherry Moure 

Heath Franer 

Ruthie Frantom 

Trudi Free Rand  / Charles Rand 

Alicia Gaby 

Cliff Griffith 

Jimmy Griffith 

Linda Grimes 

Cyndi Herbig 

Allison Holt 

Jim & Jan Johnson

Nick & Rebecca Karanges 

Mary Ann Lancaster 

Dianne Leandor 

Kirk Leandor 

Brad Leandor 

Jacob Macias 

Kyle Mayer & Teri Wilborn 

Richard & Jessica McCurry 

Gary McGinnity 

J.D. McKown 

Dewayne & Vickie McMullin

Karen McQueen 

Darryl Miller 

Victoria Monier 

Miles Mullins 

George Ott 
Mary Jane Ott 
Leland Patin
Hugh Patterson 
Jeff & Kristi Peterson 
Charlie & Cheryl Prothro 
David & Cindy Raley 

Bill Roach / Brenda Mondy 

Paul Ruhl 

Philip & Heidi Schutts 

Gary & Lisa Sebastian 

Jim Simmons 

Joy Slaughter 

Larry Snider 

Tui Snider 

Fred & Kathy Snook 

Wanda Spriggs 

Dan Stober 

Trey Tabor

Billy & Dena Marie Threlkeld 

Bill Tobin 

Abby Pewitt Slayton Tobin

Jim Totten 

John Unsworth 

Teri Unsworth 

Gary & Marvi Van Y

Tim Yarbrough & Sandy Bailey 

Video of a 1952 18' Century Resorter

the club restored back in 2011. Has the original M-47S, twin carb straight six (largest of four motors offered in 1952). That is a dual carb straight six Chrysler Marine engine, producing 135 HP, and the largest of four motor options that yearOwned by club member Jim Simmons  and now owned by Dan Stober 

2011 EMCBC Project Boat

1941 38' Chris Craft - owned by Amon Carter for years and has always been on the lake and at every show. 

Tastin Away In Margaritaville Poker August 8th, 2015

Paul Ruhl winner of the best costume award. 

1959 19' Thompson that the club restored for the 2015 Wood, Wave, & Wheels Show. Boat was sold @ the 2015 Keels & Wheels show down at Lakewood Yacht Club last April 2015. Video of the boat's 1st test drive & ride after the club finished restoring it 

2015 EMCBC Project Boat

End of the summer party at Andy & Ann Butchard's lake house on Eagle Mountain Lake. 

Member boats beached @ Pelican Island on November 2015