Support to the TRANUS system and contacts

In this section references are made to groups and firms that offer support services related to the TRANUS system. Contacts are also given to research groups or individuals whose work involves the TRANUS system in one way or another. If you would like your name or group to be included, just let us know.


Modelistica (Venezuela)

The TRANUS system has been developed by Modelistica since the 80's. Today the company is well organized to provide support, consultancy and training in the use of the modeling system in Venezuela or any other country.  Modelistica also offers a Certified Version of the software and documentation that includes one year of support by Internet. Visit or contact .

Modelistica (Mexico)

The Modelistica branch in Mexico has been active for the last 10 years. Many applications of TRANUS have been made where excellent support is provided. Visit or contact 

Stratec (Belgium, France)

This highly regarded consulting firm based in Brussels has a well-established experience in the use of the Tranus system of more than ten years. Consequently, the firm is in an excellent position to provide support and consultancy services, or assume complete projects involving the use of TRANUS. Visit:

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There are two discussion groups about the TRANUS system:

The best way to get support is to join the open discussion group. In this way, if you send a question, you might get many useful replies. You can also contact other members of the group with experience in the use of TRANUS.