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Tableau Training helps you in mastering various features of Tableau 10 to design and create dashboards and distribute analytics in the cloud. In this course you will learn about Data blending, Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, mapping, Tableau Reader, and integrate Tableau with R ..etc

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Tableau Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided

Tableau Course Content

(we can customize the course Content as per your requirements)

Tableau Basics:

· Overview of Tableau

· Tableau Features

Tableau Environment Setup

· How to install Tableau in your system

· Steps to follow for setup Tableau installation

Tableau Products

· Different Products of Tableau

· Tableau- Desktop; Server; Public; Reader and their difference

· Difference between .twb; .twbx and what to use and when to use

Tableau Architecture

Connecting to Data Source

· File system

· Server system

· Different database available

Tableau Navigation-Interface

· Menu Commands

· File Menu

· Data Menu

· Worksheet Menu

· Dashboard Menu

· Story Menu

· Analysis Menu

· Map Menu

· Format Menu

· Server Menu

Tableau Design Flow

Tableau File Types

Tableau Data Types

Tableau Show Me

· Show me with two fields

Tableau Data Terminology

Tableau Connection Types

· Live Data Connection and Extracted Data Connection

Types of Filters

· Data source filters

· Extract based Filters

· Context Level Filters

· Quick Filter

· Row level Filter

Tableau Extracting Data

· Creating an Extract

· Applying Extract Filters

· Adding new data to Extract

Tableau Field Operations

· Adding fields to worksheets

· Combining Two fields

· Searching Fields

· Reordering Fields

Tableau Editing Metadata

· Checking metadata

· Changing the data type

· Renaming and hiding

Tableau Worksheets

· Adding worksheet

· Renaming worksheet

· Save and deleting worksheet

Dimension pane and Measure pane

Rows and Columns

Tableau Filter shelves; Mark Shelves

Tableau Operators

Tableau Functions

Tableau Numeric Calculations

Tableau String Calculations

Tableau Date Calculations

Tableau Table calculations

Tableau LOD Calculations

Tableau Sorting

· Manual Sorting

· Custom Sorting

Tableau Top filters

· Ranking using normal and index function

Tableau Charts

· Bar Chart

· Line Chart

· Pie Chart

· Trend Line

· Donut Chart

· Tableau Table

· Scatterplot

· Bubble chart

· Bullet Graph

Tableau Tab Creation

Tableau Dashboard Creation tricks

Tableau Formatting

How to Re-arrange charts into Dashboards

Tableau Container

· Tile container

· Floating Container

Tableau Actions

· Filter Actions

· Highlight Action

· URL action

Tableau Server

· How to publish dashboards into Server

· User roles and authentication

Scenario Based Assignments and Solutions


· Above modules are course structure-along with theories; I will give Assignments on individual Topic that will help you to gain practical understanding.

· I will give you practical scenarios that you will face when delivering any work to client