Whether we admit it or not, we each have our favorite childhood toy.  In spirit, we carry it with us throughout our lives. But as our world is ever-changing, so is the toy design world. The term “toy” itself is evolving, as iPhones, iPods and iPads are replacing dolls and action figures as favorites. As today's toy is tomorrow's nostalgia, what are the implications of these changes?

Toys today reflect the complex cultural, technological and environmental transformations that the industrial world is undergoing. As a result, toy designers are now faced with new challenges as the role of the designer as a creator, inventor, and problem-solver is confronted with new dilemmas in this evolving world. Join us at the Shenkar Toy Design Conference where an internationally acclaimed panel of speakers tell their stories and share their ideas.

    כל ההרצאות בשפה האנגלית    All presentations will be given in English