2017/2018 Programme

7 September:  Hugh Allen: "Spectroscopy"

21 September:  Observational evening: M13, M15, M27, M57, Saturn

5 October:  "Astronomy Beginners/Intermediate Introduction/Themed Evening"

19 October:  Observational evening: Double Cluster, NGC457, M2, M31, M34, Almach, Uranus

2 November:  Dr Clive Sainsbury: "Exoplanets - The Hunt for Terra Novas"

16 November:  Observational evening: M45, M36, M37, M38, M33, NGC7789, Neptune

7 December:  Annual 'Pub Quiz', chaired by Maxwell Maltz (With Mince Pies + Raffle)

14 December: Observational evening: Geminid meteors, M42, M35, Betelgeuse, Rigel


11 January: Andrew Sellek: "The Hypothesised Planet 9"

25 January:  Observational evening: Mizar, M44, M67, M42, Sirius, Moon (Plato)

8 February:  Lecture evening: mini-lectures by members

22 February:  Observational evening: M65/M66, M41, M51, M3, Moon (Alpine Valley)

8 March:  John Ellwood: "Men Are From Mars - When Will They Return?"

22 March:  Observational evening: M81/M82, M103, M64, Algieba, Moon (Mare Crisium)

12 April:  James Fradgley: "Goldilocks Planets", "Night Vision for Astronomers", "The 21 Centimetre Line - What is it and what is it used for?" and "Planet X"

26 April:  Observational evening: M92, M5, Iota Cancri, Jupiter, Moon (Copernicus)

10 May:  AGM                                               21 June:  Summer Social

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