2018/2019 Programme

6 September:  Roger Cooper: "The Skylark Scientific Sounding Rocket"

20 September:  Observational evening: M13, M39, M57, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the Moon (Copernicus)

4 October:  James Fradgley: "Astronomical Causes of Climate Change"

18 October:  Observational evening: Epsilon Lyrae, M27, M34, M103, NGC457, Saturn, Mars, the Moon (Plato)

8 November:  Mini-lectures by members

29 November:  Observational evening: Mirach, Double Cluster, M31, M15, M33, Mars, Uranus

13 December:  Annual Quiz - chaired by Maxwell Maltz (With Mince Pies + Raffle)

20 December: Observational evening: M45, M38, M42, Mars, Neptune, the Moon (Tycho)


10 January: Observational evening: Sirius, M82, M35, M42, Mars, the Moon (Mare Crisium)

24 January:  Simon Harding: "The Aurora Borealis"

7 February:  Observational evening: M81, M67, M44, Algol, M42, Mars

21 February:  Bob Marriott: "William Dawes and William Rutter Dawes"

7 March:  Observational evening: M46, Mizar, M51, NGC2392, Mars

21 March:  Lecture evening with Professor Chris Lintott

4 April:  Observational evening: Algieba, M92, M36, M3, Mars

25 April:  Dr Dirk Froebrich: "The HOYS-CAPS Citizen Science Project"

9 May:  AGM                                               20 June:  Summer Social

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