The Okavango Macbeth CD

The Okavango Macbeth CD was one of the

Top 12 Classical CDs of 2012.

The complete opera is now available on Delphian records from and

You can hear excerpts here. If you have Spotify, you can listen to the whole of both CDs here.

Read the Delphian release note.

Review from The Arts Desk - February 2012
Cunningham’s unpretentious opera is a joy. It also has better tunes than Elton John’s. And this does feel like a proper opera, rather than a string of unconnected solos and choruses. My favourite moment was the sweetly harmonised chorus lamenting Duncan’s death, which swiftly expands into something sublime.
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Review from MusicWeb international - May 2014
Tom Cunningham’s score is eminently approachable and instantly engaging.
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Review in Gramophone - February 2012
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Review in BBC Music Magazine - January 2012