A Tapestry of Many Threads CD

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The performers are Beth Mackay (mezzo-soprano), Andrew McTaggart (bass-baritone), Jacqueline Norrie (violin) and Stuart Hope (piano)

Where the poems are based on Dovecot tapestries, the title, date, artist and location are given. You can listen to short excerpts of some of the items by clicking on the links.

No. Title

  1. Una selva oscura (“A Dark Wood”, 1980, Tom Phillips RA, location unknown)

  2. Marine Still Life (or “Stars & Shells”, 1949, Edward Wadsworth RA, private collection)

  3. The lesson

  4. quick, slow (2010, Claire Barclay, Arts Council Collection South Bank)

  5. The preciousness of the skills

  6. The mutable house

  7. Eastern Still Life (1980, Elizabeth Blackadder DBE RA, UK Government Art collection)

  8. Lord of the Hunt (1912-24, Skeoch Cumming, Bute Collection Mount Stuart)

  9. There is the warp

  10. Corryvreckan (1997, Kate Whiteford, National Museum of Scotland)

  11. The threads are cut

  12. Humankind (1988, Sir Robin Phillipson RSA, Culture & Sport Glasgow (Museums))

  13. The Water of Life (1983, Joanne Soroka, Glenfiddich)

  14. Cleish Castle blinds (1973, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi RA, Michael Spens)

  15. Only the moon (“Pause on the landing”, 2005, Patrick Caulfield, British Library)

  16. Farming (1950, Edward Bawden RA, Victoria and Albert Museum)

  17. A man with cabbages (or “Chestnuts”, 1949, Sir Stanley Spencer RA, Stanley Spencer Gallery)

  18. Play within a Play (or “A Tapestry made from a Painting, Made from a Painting of a Tapestry, made from a painting” 1969, David Hockney RA, The David Hockney Foundation)

  19. Celtic Spirit (2002, Alan Davie, Chancellor’s Building, Medical School, University of Edinburgh)