Mahler 3

Mahler's 3rd Symphony

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This edition uses the same clear layout as Tom's acclaimed score of Mahler's 2nd symphony. The main improvements over other editions can be summarised as follows:

    • The score includes the soloist, the boys’ choir and the women’s choir using modern, clear presentation.

    • The parts are clearly divided onto separate staves using the layout from Mahler’s full score. Each staff is identified on every page. The women’s voices are given on three staves throughout.

    • The text in some editions is not under every voice part, which makes it difficult for the singers to read the notes and the text together. In this edition the German text is under every staff.

    • All the composer’s directions are translated into English.

    • A literal translation of the German text is given at the foot of each page.

    • In addition, there are many corrections based on the full score.

This edition of the choral score is based on the full score. It is therefore completely compatible with the current full scores and orchestral material. It contains all necessary orchestral cues and can also be used by the soloist.

This edition of the choral score is published by Goodmusic Publishing. You can order online here.

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