Dandie Dinmont

Dandie Dinmont was composed by Tom Cunningham to a text written by Alexander McCall Smith inspired by the Walter Scott novel Guy Mannering.

"Considering the complexity of Scott’s narrative, the libretto was a story-telling triumph and was perfectly matched by the lyricism and warmth of composer Tom Cunningham’s music." The Scotsman on the première, 15th June 2019.


Narrator (spoken role)

Children (chorus of Dandie Dinmont’s children)

Footpad 1 (contralto, minor role, can be sung by Wife or Meg)

Footpad 2 (baritone, minor role, can be sung by Narrator)

Dandie (Dandie Dinmont, baritone)

Harry (tenor)

Meg (Meg Merrilees, mezzo-soprano)

Wife (Dandie Dinmont’s wife, mezzo-soprano)

Julia (soprano)

These three female roles could be shared by two singers.

The minimum number of performers is therefore five plus the children.

Duration: approximately 40 minutes.

First performance, Melrose, 15th June 2019.

Newspaper article on premiere: click here.