From 1972 to 2007 I built Lightwriters: (two Queen's Awards for Export). Since my retirement, the company gained a 3rd Queen's Award in April 2011.

From 2006-2009 I had a car-hire business,
I owned 8 of these cars, till I had to sell them in the Credit Crunch.

My wife Evelyn and I share a homestay business (lodgings for language-students). Keeps us young!

I am a partner in a restaurant business:
reviews here:

I have built a house

I have been involved in Recruitment, French houses and electronics and ...

1) James Millard (manager of ChurchillSupercars), and a passer-by.

2) A horseless-carriage, surrounded by babes: Renzel Carlos, Virginie Alarcon, and the goddess that is Judith Guerra.

3) Extreme sunbathing.