I have lost the power of speech

I was caught a virus in 1968, and was in hospital for a year (Addenbrooke's & Stoke Mandeville).
I am in a wheelchair, and cannot speak (very useful at times, it's hard to get into an argument).

I have agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces 

My flavour of agoraphobia is fear of being in a big space, looking up at high buildings, looking down from any building - even watching it on TV.

At its mildest, I hunch up; at its worst, I sweat, wimper and scream. All the while, at a conscious level I am telling myself not to be so stupid, to calm down: but it can't be done.
The instant the situation improves, everything is fine again.
As a result, I rarely leave the house - which is no problem, I can go anywhere I want on the Internet, I can meet as many people as time permits on Facebook.
I 'work in the garden', I have everything I need.

When I do need to go out, there is a powerful, readily-available, fast-acting drug: alchohol.
This stops any 'panic-attack' dead in its tracks.
I keep a hip-flask filled with whisky in my bag at all times: within seconds I can be as drunk as I need to be to cope with that particular situation.
I pursue therapies such as NLP on a low-key basis, but if a cure does happen, I will miss my medication!