BubbleBoard: small, powerful, embeddable SBC

We produce the BubbleBoard (successor to the BalloonBoard), a 45mm x 65mm processor-board, with PXA270/520Mhz, SDRAM, Flash NAND, Flash boot-ROM, CPLD; for further details see Hardware.

The BubbleBoard is the result of a collaboration between Cambridge University, M.I.T, Toby Churchill Ltd, iTechnic Ltd, and an assortment of Linux gurus.

BubbleBoards are ready-to-embed, having powerful I/O capabilities including USB (1.0, host and slave), small footprint, low power-consumption and a single connector.

Open Hardware Design

The BubbleBoard is an Open Hardware design, which means we publish the circuit diagram to enable you to DIY.

We have designed the architecture of the VHDL code so it's relatively easy to create variants for different products and keep track of them all in svn whilst avoiding risking breaking the core which keeps the machine running.


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Very small, powerful single-board computer. 

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You can fit a Micro-SD socket on the rear of the board, top left.
All other pads were for development-only, and are unused.

If fitted to metalwork, use some insulation to avoid that unpleasant fizzle-pop experience.