Aux board

This is the motherboard that you will design for your own purposes; the BubbleBoard will connect to it.

The photos show an example of how an Aux board would look with and without the BubbleBoard. This is a mock-up, we used a board designed for another purpose.

The components under the BubbleBoard must be low.
The inter-board spacing is dictated by the part-number of the mating-connector:
  • 4mm: FX10A-140P/14-SV (Farnell 1798396).
  • 5mm: FX10A-140P/14-SV1 (Farnell 1798397).
The manufacturer (Hirose) say that they are developing the following, and you may be able to source them:
  • 6mm: FX10A-140P/14-SV2
  • 7mm: FX10A-140P/14-SV3
  • 8mm: FX10A-140P/14-SV4

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BubbleBoard in place

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BubbleBoard removed