Conference Papers, Lectures and Talks

'Rediscovering Mary through Art, Music and Poetry: keynote lectures at the AMSA Conference (Association of Marist Schools of Australia), Gold Coast,Queensland, July 2011: click here for details about my papers and for links to relevant articles and lectures.

'The End of Woman and the Ends of Women: Postmodern perspectives on religion and human rights': paper given at the European Science Foundation conference on Religion, Gender and Human Rights:Challenges for Multicultural and Democratic Societies, Scandic Linkoping Vast, Sweden

'Is Religion Sustainable?': public lecture given at Gothenburg Cathedral as part of the International Science Festival, Sunday 16th May, 2011 

Incarnate and Ecstatic Love: the fleshy spirit of Catherine of Siena: paper given at the Catherine of Siena Study Festival, University of Bristol, 4th May 2011 (This paper develops some of the ideas from 'What language shall I borrow? - see below) 

Finding God in Empty Spaces: a visual theology of the in-between: paper given to a conference on The Place of the Arts in Cathedrals, Durham Cathedral, 26th to 28th September, 2010. Download Powerpoint presentation.

'Art, Mystery and Wonder': address at the annual service of the Royal Academy of Artists, St. James's Church, Piccadilly, 7th June, 2010

'Dialogue, Difference and Human Development: Gendered Perspectives on Catholic Social Teaching': public lecture given at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 11th February, 2010

What language shall I borrow? Reason, desire and God in Thomas Aquinas and Catherine of Siena': paper given to the Bristol Theological Society, 4th February 2010

'Virgins, Lechers and Angelic Encounters: the visual representation of theological ideas': professorial lecture given at Roehampton University, October 2010

'Catholic Social Teaching: A Vision for Our Times?': JustShare Lecture, 23 September, 2009

'Haunting Art: the quest for mystery and meaning after the death of God': paper given at a conference on Cathedrals and the Visual Arts, Sarum College, Salisbury, September 2009

'"Let Nature Leap for Joy and Let Women Be Honoured": Historical Developments in Catholic Marian Symbolism': paper given at an ecumenical conference,  The Place of Mary in the Christian Traditions, Sarum College, Salisbury, December 2008 

'Justice enacted not these human laws' (Antigone):  paper given to the American Academy of Religion Panel of the Law, Religion and Culture Group, San Diego, November 2007

The Catholic Church and Human Rights: London Newman Lecture, March 2007

Insight Beyond Sight: Sacramentality, the Eucharist and Gender with reference to the Isenheim Altar: paper given at the annual conference of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain, September 2006. 

How Far Can You Go?: Reflections on the Catholic Theology of Priesthood: paper given to the Movement for Married Clergy in June 2006

Leadership and the Laity: Barbara McCauley Memorial Lecture, November 2005

On Human Cloning: The Theological Perspective: paper given at the Catholic Perspectives on Human Cloning Conference, organised by the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle, the National Board of Catholic Women and the Newman Association  at the Centre for Life, Newcastle in October 2005

A Maternal Manifesto for the Contemporary Church: paper given to the Franciscan Sisters, September 2005

Collaboration or Collusion? Working Together for a Truthful Church: paper given to Quest Conference 2005

Vision in Obscurity: Discerning Peace in Fearful Times: paper given to the Fifth General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society in June 2004 (Unfortunately I don't have a copy of this paper on my files, but it's available through the Thomas Merton Society website)

Human Rights, Theology and the Presence of the Other: paper given at Fuscape Conference, February 2004

At Play Everywhere in God's World: the Womanly Wisdom of Prayer: Wells Cathedral Lent talk, February 2004

Marriage - Tending, Mending and Ending: paper given at the University of Cork, November 2000