Open Democracy Articles

Banksy in Bristol (posted 23rd August 2009): review of the Banksy exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Antichrist: the visual theology of Lars von Trier (posted 13rd August 2009): review and analysis of von Trier's latest film

Along the precipice: visions of atheism in London (posted 6th November 2008): why Francis Bacon is a better atheist than Richard Dawkins

The Dark K(n)ight of a Postmodern World  (posted 22nd August 2008): an interpretation under the influence of Slavov Zizek

Rowan Williams and sharia law (posted 12th February 2008): why all the fuss about a nuanced and complex academic lecture?

The End of Postmodernism: the "new atheists" and democracy (posted 20th December 2007): religion, atheism and violence in a postmodern world

Religion's Cutting Edge: Lessons from Africa (posted 14th February 2007): religion and social justice at the World Social Forum

Religion in Britain in the Blair Era (posted 10th January 2007): the role of religion in Tony Blair's government

Veiling the Issues: a distractive debate (posted 24th October 2006): the debate about Muslim women and the veil

Pope Benedict XVI and Islam: beyond words (posted 18th September 2006): the controversy caused by the Pope's comments on Islam