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 The Tablet

Rape, Violence and Confusion (28 May 2011): article on the sexual abuse of women and the limits of the law, published under the title 'It's still a man's world: The trouble with sex - 2: morality and the law'

Shared Endeavours: the theological vision of Pope Benedict XVI - reflection on the theology of the Pope's talks during his visit to Britain in September 2010, published 25 September 2010 (link to document - click here for a link to The Tablet website)

More Wistful than Wise (7 August 2010): reflection on Pope Benedict XVI, written as part of the 'Understanding Benedict' series
In the Balance: Morality of Abortion 2 (5 June 2010): reflection on the excommunication of Sister Margaret McBride over the termination of a pregnancy at St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

Garden of the New Eve: Eve and the Virgin Mary (19 December 2009): article about the hortus conclusus in Christian art

Deadlier Sin of the Male (7 March 2009): article on the credit crunch and testosterone

An Immense Maternal Presence  (13 September 2008): article on Lourdes

Femininity within the Trinity (29 March 2008): article on baptismal formulae and the Trinity

Figure in Shadow (22 March 2008): review of BBC series, The Passion

Why I Still Support Amnesty International (26 October 2007): article on Amnesty International and the abortion debate

Simple Grace (17 February 2007): article on the Livesimply campaign and visit to Cafod projects in Kenya and Tanzania

Has liberation theology had its day? (10 February 2007): article on visit to the World Forum for Theology and Liberation (WFTL) and the World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi, Kenya

Theatre Review of On Religion by A.C. Grayling (30 December 2006)

Face Values (4 November 2006): reflection on the cultural significance of the face

Evil Cannot Defeat Evil (8 July 2006): argument against nuclear deterrence

Film review of The Da Vinci Code (20 May 2006)

The Voice of Scientific Unreason (28 January 2006): article about Richard Dawkins' television series, The Root of All Evil?

Book review, Roger Ruston, Human Rights and the Image of God (14 January 2006)

'Simple Gaudete of a Complex Believer' (17 December 2005): article on cover illustration by Andy Warhol

Just Another Election Issue? (19 March 2005): article on abortion and politics

Where was God? (8 January 2005): reflection on the tsunami

Feminism Vatican-style (7 August 2004): comment on the Vatican document on collaboration between men and women in the Church

Culture and the Cross' (8 April 2004): article on Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ

Beauty Back on Camera (26 February 2000): article on the film American Beauty

The Patient Vigil of Holy Saturday (April 2000): A Reflection on J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace 


The Pastoral Review (formerly Priests and People)

Humanae Vitae: Nature, sex and reason in conflict (July 2008): article questioning the appeal to natural law in the 1968 encyclical

Kitsch, culture and the laughing Madonna (May 2003): article on the elusive presence of the Virgin Mary in western culture.

The perfect gift (December 1997): Christmas reflection on the Incarnation.

Politics and Enchantment (May 1997): article on the relationship between social justice and liturgy.