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Same Youth Centre

Village chiefs receiving computers sent by FoS

Photos of the arrival of the 8 computers for the Village Chiefs (Chefe do Suco) of Babulo, Betano, Daisua, Holarua, Groto, Rotuto, Tutuluro, and Letefoho.
 Antoninho brought the computers from Dili to the Youth Centre in Same, and the Chiefs came to the Youth Centre to receive them. 

The Chiefs are very happy with the computers and send thanks (the Chiefs are similar to village Mayors). 

Youth Centre book project

The Same Youth Centre has produced 600 copies of a new book they say they have written  and illustrated themselves ‘Rai ne’be mak aihoris la iha’  = Land without plants.

It is about young people replanting bare land with trees etc to make it beautiful.  It includes multiplication tables at the back plus simple addition and subtraction. They will distribute this to schools shortly.


Friends of Same supported Same Youth Centre (CEFOBOM) to make books for primary schools in Same (photos of children with books)