Permaculture Schools Garden Project

The Permaculture garden at Diligencia Primary School - photos of children watering, weeding and planting more seeds
and teachers building a trellis. Sent by Manuel da Silva

Traditional Medicine Drying Shed

Herbs drying at the Traditional Herb Centre July 2013

Vice Convenor Trish Woodcroft Lee visiting Traditional Medicine Drying Shed: "we visited the sisters and inspected the shed, which is standing up well to the constant rain. It is nice and snug and is packed with drying herbs. The Centre is very popular with the local people who depend on it for many of their healthcare products. The project was very worthwhile

Medicine Garden for Families

Jardim Aimoruk ba Familia is an organisation dedicated to the growing and distribution of traditional medicines in 13 districts of Manufahi. They have links with the Ministry of Health. They grow their own plants. boil them and distribute them for free.

JAF faces many difficulties such as when it is time to produce the medicine, as there is no place that is safe to dry the medicinal plants. Because of this JAF have requested assistance to build a drying shed.

Friends of Same have supplied $1800 funding for a new shed. which should be built in a few weeks, they say. They will start in September.

Traditional Medicine Sisters

Storage and Drying Shed