Friends of Same fund scholarship students,

as well as providing school equipment, books and other school supplies

Computers, chairs and books were provided to Cablaqui Community Development Centre for their English language and other course in July 2020.

Students funded by Friends of Same in 2019 to study at COSAMAR (Colegio Sao Miguel Arcangel), Same

Former FoS Scholarship student

UNTL Animal Health Graduate, Venancio won a scholarship to study horticulture at the Arava research station in Israel. Former FoS scholarship student and UNTL agriculture graduate also won a scholarship to this research station

UNTL graduate in animal health studies, Venancio, won a scholarship to study horticulture at the Arava research station in Israel, (where our student Gabriella was previously).

Students at COSAMAR (Colegio Sao Miguel Arcanjo) primary school

Baucau Teachers' College

Abrao, one of the scholarship students at Baucau Teachers' College graduated in 2022

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Friends of Same's Graduates for 2017

Agricultural students

Gabriella Filmena

Animal Health Students

Isabel now has work rearing pigs and chickens

Venancio Isabel

Friends of Same Scholarship Program

Agricultural student Filomena doing fieldwork on her practical placement in Viqueque

Outcomes for Graduates of FoS Scholarship Program, July 2013

  • Congratulations to Virginia Noronha Fatima who completed Computer Training at Youth Centre in Same.Out of 31 students that graduated from the Friends of Same Scholarship Program 13 went on to further study

Students studying at COSAMAR School in Same

Escola Secundaria Colegio Sao Miguel Arcanjo, Same

A photo of the 3 students FoS supports
at COSAMAR in Same

(L-R teacher Mimi da Costa, Tomasia Pacheco Mendonca, Alcina Sarmento da Costa, Declino Fernandes da Costa and Bill Anderson)

Tomasia is in class 2 natural sciences (equivalent to year 11 here). Alcino and Declino are in Class 3,( equivalent to year 12) Tomasia is 17 , Declino is 16 and Alcina is 18. Alcina wants to study geology at UNTL next year and Declino wants to study medicine. Alcino has 5 brothers and sisters, Tomasia has 3 and Declino has 7.

They all send thanks to Friends of Same for allowing them to stay on at school this year. Their school grades are excellent and they are among the top students in their classes.

Creating opportunities for young people from Same to achieve their potential through education and training is a major ongoing priority.

Recent unrest in Timor-Leste has highlighted frustration with the lack of opportunity in education and employment for young people who make up the bulk of the population. Skills shortages, interrupted education and poorly developed education infrastructure pose major problems for the newly independent nation. Education and training programs are essential for effective capacity-building.

Educational Scholarships to Schools outside ManuFahi district

University Students at the National University


Gabriella and Filomena

The Friends of Same education and training program was the initiative of a young East Timorese student studying at Swinburne TAFE in Hawthorn.

Cosme Ximenes attended Don Bosco Technical College and wanted others to have this opportunity.

Since 2004, Friends of Same has supported a growing number of students to attend well regarded educational institutions in Timor-Leste. The program initially focused on vocational secondary education at two senior technical colleges and recently has been expanded to include agricultural training and primary teacher training.

14 students from Same sub-district were given scholarships to colleges in Timor-Leste as a result of scholarships provided by Friends of Same. This includes

  • 10 students at the Salesian Sisters Vocational High School, Venilale,

  • 1 Student at Don Bosco Technical College Fatamaca

  • 1 in year three and two in year 2 at the Natabora Agricultural College.

  • Six students were supported to go to University to study for a degree in Agricultural Studies, and one other is receiving supplementary support to go do similar University studies. They have all graduated from the Scholarship Program.

  • A total of 23 students have successfully completed their studies.

The program is supported in Australia by the Australian Overseas Salesian Mission. The District of Manufahi Superintendant for Education, the Salesian network and the principals of the Colleges support the program in Timor-Leste, together with principals and teachers at local schools in the Same area. Students agree to return to Same after their studies.

Much of the funding for education is from donations or fundraising activities.

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