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This page collects non-rules material chosen to help convey the intended look and feel of the "Lands of the Sun" campaign.

I have created some Pinterest boards for visual reference and inspiration for myself and the players of "Lands of the Sun":
  • Lands of the Sun: Asasor is a sultanate of humans and halflings. Native Asasorans of both races are dark-skinned (the black elf pins are for suggesting the look of the halflings), and the culture has an Arabian/Moorish look and feel. The campaign begins in the desert frontier region, where orcs and hobgoblins are recurring threats.
  • Fendorlis: The high elf kingdom to the north of the desert, which has been overrun by dragon-led kobolds. 
  • Thovalas: A matriarchal human empire on the northern continent. Thovalans are fair-skinned, and their culture is like Rome ruled by Amazons.
  • Time of the Tarrasque PCs: Portraits of the heroes of "Lands of the Sun."
Studded Plate
The following columns from my weekly blog contain content for the "Time of the Tarrasque" setting:
  • Cactus Leshy (3/5/2015): A new plant monster for "Lands of the Sun."
  • Time of the Tarrasque (4/2/2015): How the campaign concept came to be.
  • Lands of the Sun teaser (5/28/2015): The campaign blurb from this wiki's home page.
  • Javanian Temples (1/1/2016): An excerpt from the Javanian Pantheon page on this site.
  • The Praetorian Guard (9/15/2016): Thovalan phalanx soldiers who serve as bodyguards to the Praetor (empress) and other nobility.
  • Sources Used (2/16/2017): A review of the sourcebooks used for this campaign.
  • Funeral Customs (3/1/2017): What Asasorans, Thovalans, elves, and orcs do with their dead.
See also Lands of the Sun: The Sessions for links to columns summarizing game play from that campaign.