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History of Lands of the Sun

In Iath and Hemut, the most common system for reckoning time--at least among humans--is by Prothonian Year (PY), which counts from the founding of the ancient Prothonian Empire, the first great human civilization. All history previous to that date is known as the First Age (or Age of the Gods) and is dated Before Prothonia (BP). The empire's founding began the Second Age (or Age of Prothonia). The Exodus from Prothonia brought humans to a new continent, where they found the Empire of Thovalas in PY 313, marking the beginning of the Third Age (or Age of Thovalas). Fifty years ago, a Fourth Age was declared when Thovalas and its allies formed the Ward of Virtanen's Shield in PY 802. The current year is PY 852.

First Age: Age of Gods
The Age of Gods is a time of legend, when dragons and giants ruled the world, and the mortal races who would dominate later history--humans, elves, halflings, and others--slowly acquired primitive civilization and technology.

The Tarrasque first appeared during this age, emerging from the Underdark in the central Dragonspine Mountains. This region is now known as the Darkrift or the Womb of Shadows, and remains one of the most dangerous places on Udara.

Second Age: Age of Prothonia
The city-state of Prothonia united several warring petty kingdoms, creating the first great human empire (eventually giving its name to the western continent). However, the empire was invaded by titans and laid ruin. The Prothonian Exodus led humankind eastward towards the continent of Iath.

On the southern continent of Javanis, the halfling race united under a single high king. The Cult of the Void attempted to summon their god's avatar into this world, destroying much of Javanis. The survivors fled north across the sea.

On Hemut, the high elves appeared in the Forest of Fendorlis, and soon established a kingdom friendly with the native fey. Around the same time, the wild elves appeared in the jungles of Carkador.

Third Age: Age of Thovalas
PY 313: Founding of Thovalas: Fair-skinned humans reached Iath and founded the matriarchal city-state of Thovalas. These men soon started carving out a new empire on this new continent.

PY 343: The first halflings arrived in Hemut, founding the colonies of Huzayn and Khaldoon. Another wave of halflings settled a couple decades later, founding Maysoon.

PY 358: Prothonian humans of mixed fair and dark-skinned ancestry arrived in the Sword Islands, claiming those islands and the adjacent coasts of Iath and Hemut.

PY 400: Dark-skinned humans reached the southwest of Hemut, settling in Nagani and Sivayush.

Circa PY 400: Orcs first emerged from the Underdark in the central Dragonspine Mountains and spread eastward throughout the range. Some tribes moved into the adjacent Amargon and Lokoran deserts, where they began to adapt to the harsh sun.

PY 439: The Tarrasque appeared in the northern reaches of the Dragon's Head. Kobolds emerged from the Underdark in its wake.

Circa PY 550-600: Orcs spread throughout the Lokoran Desert and began raiding Maysoon. Hobgoblins spread through much of southern Hemut, warring with the orcs, Khaldoon, and others.

PY 555: Kobold Wars: Clashes between the kobolds and their neighbors--the high elves and gnomes of Fendorlis and the Dragon's Head--erupted into full-scale war. These wars never officially ended, as neither side admitted defeat. Overall, little land changed hands permanently until the 700s.

PY 581: Sailors from the island nation of Sivayush made first contact with the halflings of Huzayn and established peaceful trade. Over the next century, more dark-skinned humans visited the emirate of Maysoon and began settling the empty lands between the two halfling nations. Many adopted the Javanian religion.

PY 668: Founding of Asasor: The halfling and human populations of Maysoon, Huzayn, and their outlying territories reached sufficient size that the halflings brokered an alliance between the two races that led to their fusion into a single nation, the Sultanate of Asasor.

Circa PY 700-750: Conflict became more frequent between the hobgoblins and the Lokoran orcs, the hobgoblins and Khaldoon, and the orcs and Asasor. Kobolds pushed into the Fendorlis forest, gradually gaining ground that they could control for more than a few weeks, months, or years.

PY 741: The Rise of Rizagarn: The hobgoblins of the Dragonspine Mountains formed an alliance with the fire giants, forming the Infernal Empire of Rizagarn. The alliance's power rapidly expanded through the mountain range and into the southern lowlands.

PY 783: Sultana Sabira claimed the southern border of the Lokoran Desert for Asasor as a buffer against the region's savage humanoids, creating the Emirate of Kobara.

Circa PY 790-800: The orcs of Changir, in southern Fendorlis, started using more organized tactics in their raids. The high elves found evidence of drow in the region, and suspected that the dark elves were behind this new threat.

PY 795: Virtanen's Crusade: The paladin Virtanen organized a crusade against the Empire of Rizagarn, sponsored by the human nations of Iath and the Bronze Sea. The Tarrasque's appearance (PY 797) disrupted communications in the empire, giving the crusaders the opening they needed to make decisive strikes against the hobgoblins and giants.

Fourth Age: Age of the Shield
PY 802: Virtanen's Shield: Virtanen's Crusade ended in victory, with the power of Rizagarn crushed and its constituent tribes destroyed or scattered. The crusaders founded the Ward of Virtanen's Shield to keep watch over this part of the world, both to prevent another Rizagarn from arising, and to stand guard against monsters emerging from the still-open Darkrift.

PY 813: The Zolothi Compact: The green dragon Zoloth, who had been experimenting with the kobold race for the past century or two, made a formal pact with her pet race, granting them substantial magical lore and part-draconic allies in return for a share of the wealth they acquired through conquest and trade. Within a decade, nearly every kobold tribe--both civilized and savage--in Fendorlis and the Dragon's Head had sworn fealty to her and joined the Zolothi Compact.

PY 825: The Doom of Amaranth: The Tarrasque appeared in Fendorlis, near the high elf ruler's Amaranth Palace. The beast leveled the palace and devoured the king, Melleranthiel, but his young daughter Mizaeriel escaped. The Zolothi kobolds quickly took advantage of the resulting chaos, using airships acquired from the mountain dwarves of Haraldan. The kobolds soon copied and modified flying vessels of their own, making them an air power to rival the dragons they worshiped.

PY 838: The Fall of Fendorlis: A massive offensive by the Zolothi Compact overran Fendorlis. Zoloth herself made a rare battlefield appearance to personally slay the young queen Mizaeriel. The elves were decimated and the kingdom fell into kobold hands. Many mourning high elves swore the Oath of the Bloody Tree, promising to avenge their dead and someday reclaim their homeland. Some of the Sworn remained in Fendorlis to organize a guerrilla resistance, while others led and defended the elven diaspora. Many survivors took refuge with the gray elves of Radavalion, the wood elves of Allasimar, and the human kingdoms of the Bronze Sea. The mostly human forces of the Shield welcomed the elves as reinforcements against orc and drow activity in the Dragonspines.

Since PY 838: The Zolothi Compact continued to expand its territory through most of the Dragon's Head and Fendorlis. The kobolds declared war on the orcs of Changir and the Dragon's Heart. The Zolothi expanded their trade through the Dragonspine Mountains, nearly as far as the Shield.

PY 852: Current Year.