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Gods and Religions of Lands of the Sun

Numerous competing religions exist in the world of Udara. This page lists a selection of faiths known in the "Lands of the Sun." Links for more information (including cleric domains) have been provided for the most popular religions.

Dragon Gods
The two dragon goddesses are both female and parthenogenic. Their eggs hatched into the first metallic and chromatic dragons. They have mated exactly once, producing one egg each, which they placed in the same nest. The first to hatch was the abominable Tarrasque. Because it ate its clutchmate and both eggshells, not even the dragon goddesses known which of them laid the egg that contained it. This catastrophe ensured that they would never repeat the experiment, and they remain enemies to this day.

 God Portfolio Alignment Symbol Worshipers
 Chinariana, The Adamantine Dragon Good dragons, wisdom, defense, knowledge, magic Neutral good Gold or adamantine dragon Good dragons, humans, lizardfolk
 Vadnizala, The Scintillating Dragon Evil dragons, greed, treasure, magic, strength Neutral evil A many-colored dragon Evil dragons, kobolds, other reptilian races 
 Cult of the Tarrasque Destruction, fate, war, strength Chaotic neutral The Tarrasque Orcs and other savage humanoids
 Cult of the Lost Egg Death, resurrection, reincarnation, lost causes Neutral A broken eggshell Those who have been reincarnated

Druids follow the standard rules given in the Core Rulebook (modified by archetype, if any). Following a god is not necessary to be a druid or a lay follower of their ways, though many do. Those who pay homage to a deity usually choose one of the Faerie Sovereigns or Elemental Gods (see below), or one of those pantheons as a whole.

Portfolio: nature, animals, plants, seasons
Symbols: Holly and mistletoe is the default, but any focus may be used as long as it represents the powers of nature and has a personal meaning for the druid.
Worshipers: druids, rangers, wilderness dwellers; any race, but esp. elves, gnomes, humans, and fey

The Faerie Sovereigns
As the seasons turn, each is ruled by one of the four Faerie Sovereigns. As powerful faerie creatures, all four deities can easily change form and even gender--and do so regularly. They are worshiped by the elves, fey, and gnomes who live in harmony with the unspoiled wilderness that gives the Sovereigns their link to this world.

 God Portfolio Alignment Symbol Worshipers (elves, fey, gnomes)
 Basaran, The Autumn Prince Autumn, harvest, luck, shadow Neutral Crown of antlers or leaves Centaurs, hunters, farmers, herbalists
 Maridor, The Winter Queen Winter, cold, darkness, death, wastelands Chaotic evil White hand with black leaf Evil fey, necromancers
 Nalanimil, The Spring Princess Spring, fertility, weather, wandering Chaotic neutral Golden seed Nymphs, satyrs, herders, farmers, witches
 Vanatar, The Summer King Summer, light,warmth, forests Chaotic good Unicorn Healers, warriors

Javanian Pantheon
The Javanian gods are powers of light and darkness. They were the original gods of the halflings, brought from their lost homeland of Javanis to Hemut. In Asasor, these deities are worshiped by both halflings and humans, and their worship is the state religion. Asmolon's cult is outlawed in all civilized lands.

 God Portfolio Alignment Symbol Worshipers
 Asmolon, The Void Death, entropy, undead Neutral evil  Black disc or orb Assassins, evil warriors, savage humanoids
 Jorilin, The Trickster Shadow, illusion, thieves, twilight Neutral Cloaked figure Rogues, illusionists 
 Talitar, The Sun Lord Sun, day, light, life, healing,truth, valor Neutral good Fiery angel or sunburst Farmers, warriors, scholars
 Yaziel, Queen of the Night Moon, night, fate, magic, secrets, souls Neutral Stars or crescent moon Lovers, wizards, diviners, shapechangers

Gods of Meda (Elemental Gods)
This quartet of elemental gods are best known by the name of the ancient city where humans first discovered their temples. The Gods of Meda are worshiped by humans of the Sword Islands, giants throughout Iath-Hemut, and many other races, though they often have different names in each culture.

 God Portfolio Alignment Symbol Worshipers
 Chazital, God of Air Air, sky, birds, weather Neutral Eagle and lightning bolt Warriors, farmers, merchants, flying creatures
 Genesib, God of Earth Earth, gems, metal, caves, miners Neutral Stone idol with gemstone eyes Metalworkers, miners, cave-dwellers
 Lutoran, Goddess of Fire Fire, forges, volcanoes, magic Neutral Woman wreathed in flames Smiths, sorcerers, fire creatures
 Talusoka, Goddess of Water Water, seas, sea animals, sailors Neutral Dolphin, turtle, or wave Druids, sailors, aquatic races

Prothonian Pantheon
This pantheon was first worshiped by the humans of ancient, lost Prothonia, far to the west. Like the Thovalans who preserve those traditions, this family of gods is dominated by powerful female leaders, including the pantheon's ruler and its general. The Prothonian gods are locked in an eternal war with the Titans, which results in a strong fear and hatred of all giants among their worshipers.

 God Portfolio Alignment Symbol Worshipers (humans)
 Domezia the Lawgiver Law, justice, rulers Lawful neutral Crown, scale, or executioner's axe Judges, paladins, rulers 
 Atonistra the Weaver Crafts, home, community, healing Lawful good Loom, net, web, or spindle Craftsmen, healers, paladins
 Bellonika the Warlord War, soldiers, strength, horses Lawful neutral Glaive, shield, or mounted knight Fighters, cavaliers, rangers, monks, paladins
 Crolion the Smith Metalworking, fire, architecture Lawful neutral Sledgehammer or flames Smiths, architects, armorers, jewelers, masons, miners
 Hylacine the Musician Music, dance, artists Neutral Dancing maiden or musical instrument Musicians, actors, bards, dancers
 Kanatos the Stargazer Knowledge, magic, navigation, seas, science Neutral Stars, book, sextant, or ship Sailors, scholars, scribes, wizards
 Momyx the Fool Comedy, beggars, outcasts Neutral A jester's wand, or a hunchback in motley Bards, clowns, outcasts, rogues, the very poor
 Nymea the Cupbearer Hospitality, wine, feasts Neutral A golden goblet, or a young woman offering a cup Vintners, brewers, cooks, innkeepers
 Panterron the Father Fertility, agriculture, animals, plants Neutral Sheaf of wheat, scythe, or bull Farmers, herders, parents
 Proteris the Chamberlain Locks, wealth, slavery, servants, bureaucracy Lawful evil An ornate gold key, a staff of office, chains, or a chest full of coins Bureaucrats, coiners, locksmiths, merchants, overseers, slavers, spies

(The Prothonian Pantheon is presented here as reference for one PC's backstory.)