Champions of Floris

The Commonwealth of Floris is a democratic human nation that has found a workable balance between its two mother countries, the Empire of Thovalas, a militant matriarchy to its north, and the Principality of the Sword Islands, a country of elemental-worshiping seafarers to the south. It also shares a border with the hill dwarf kingdom of Dabreth, and has regular contact with the wood elves of Allasimar which lies beyond it.

Floris suffers frequent incursions from savage humanoids found near its borders. The first group of there are the goblin tribes that Thovalas has long sought to eradicate from its own lands. Fleeing the superior imperial armies, many goblins have entered Floris, Dabreth, and Allasimar, where they continue to cause as much mischief and destruction as possible. The southern border is threatened by gnolls from the Plain of Sorrows, which was once Adihanna, a duchy of the Sword Islands before those humanoids overran it a generation ago. The hyena-men are also notorious pirates, harrying ships throughout the southern Bronze Sea. Fortunately, neither race is very organized in its attacks against Floris...for now.

"Champions of Floris" will begin as a fairly traditional campaign, with most of the core races available in sizable numbers. Much of the initial focus will be on fighting common, low-powered humanoids whose threat level can easily scale with the heroes' advancement.

Game System: "Champions of Floris" began as a Pathfinder campaign, but is being converted over to Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. The player information for both game systems is presented below.

Character Creation : Pathfinder / D&D 5E
The Heroes of Floris (PCs)

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Rules and Resources
"Champions of Floris" is intended as a novice campaign for my children, so players need only refer to the Core Rulebook (Pathfinder) or Player's Handbook (D&D 5E).  As they gain more role-playing experience, I may allow options from other books.