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Migrants, Ancestors and Foreign Investments

(Konrad Burchardi; Thomas Chaney; and Tarek Hassan)

[PDF] | [Data/Code] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

Review of Economic Studies, Accepted

The Gravity Equation in International Trade: An Explanation

(Thomas Chaney)

February 2018, 126(1): 150-77 | [PDF] | [Data/Code] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

©2018 by the University of Chicago

Journal of Political Economy

Quality Pricing-to-Market

(Raphael Auer; Thomas Chaney; and Philip Saure)

January 2018, 110: 87-102 | [PDF] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

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Journal of International Economics

Liquidity Constrained Exporters

(Thomas Chaney)

November 2016, 72: 141-54 | [PDF] | [BibTeX]

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Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Networks in International Trade

(Thomas Chaney)

April 2016: 754-75 | [PDF] | [BibTeX]

Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks

edited by Yann Bramoulle, Andrea Galleoti and Bryan Rogers

©2016 by the Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

The Network Structure of International Trade

(Thomas Chaney)

November 2014, 104(11): 3600-34 | [PDF] | [Data/Code] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

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American Economic Review

Market Size, Division of Labor, and Firm Productivity

(Thomas Chaney and Ralph Ossa)

May 2013, 90(1): 177-80 | [PDF] | [BibTeX]

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Journal of International Economics

The Collateral Channel: How Real Estate Shocks Affect Corporate Investment

(Thomas Chaney; David Sraer; and David Thesmar)

October 2012, 102(6): 2381-2409 | [PDF] | [Data/Code] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

©2012 by the American Economic Association

American Economic Review

Exchange Rate Pass-Through in a Competitive Model of Pricing-to-Market

(Raphael Auer and Thomas Chaney)

February 2009, 41(s1): 151-75 | [PDF] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

©2009 by the Ohio State University

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Distorted Gravity: The Intensive and Extensive Margins of International Trade

(Thomas Chaney)

September 2008, 98(4): 1707-21 | [PDF] | [Appendix] | [BibTeX]

©2008 by the American Economic Association

American Economic Review

Work in Progress

The Road-knot Hypothesis and the Emergence of Cities in the Neolithic

Trusting our Ancestors

Immigration, Innovation and Growth

Very Very Long Run Growth

Merchant Networks in the Bronze Age

How to Create New Cities from Scratch?

Evidence from 13th Century Bastides in Southwest France

Network Business Cycles

Production Clusters

Work in Limbo

Productivity Overshooting: The Dynamic Impact of Trade Opening with Heterogeneous Firms

(Thomas Chaney)

June 2005 | [PDF]

When trade barriers are high, (too) many firms can survive, sheltered from foreign competition.

After a trade liberalization, it takes a long time for those firms to exit.

The economy may overheat for a while.

Technological Mismatch: A Model of International Trade in Goods and Ideas

(Thomas Chaney)

May 2008 | [PDF]

Some people are good at inventing new technologies, and some at implementing them. Both don't always live in the same country.

When international trade in ideas is allowed, talented inventors team up with talented craftsmen, world production and world trade go up.