International Trade (PhD)

This class is designed for advanced PhD students. I cover various topics of international trade, covering both theoretical and empirical methods.


Lecture 1: CES preferences and discrete choice models [slides]

The Gravity Equation in International Trade

Lecture 2: Trade in differentiated goods [slides]

Lecture 3: Heterogeneous firms in international trade [slides]

Lecture 4: Technology differences and Ricardian trade [slides]

Estimation of Trade Models

Lecture 5: Quantitative methods, estimation of gravity models [slides]


Lecture 6: Welfare gains (losses) from trade, theory and quantification [slides]

Economic Geography

Lecture 7: Trade within countries, theory and empirics [slides]


Lecture 8: Static and dynamic migrations flows between countries, theory and empirics [slides]

Labor Markets

Lecture 9: A trade view of labor markets (not just the impact of trade on labor markets) [slides]

Commuting and Transportation

Lecture 10: Endogenous transportation infrastructures [slides]

Lecture 11: Flows of goods and people within cities

The "China Shock"

Lecture 12: The "China Shock", reduced form and structural estimates

Lecture 13: Shift-share empirical designs

Input-Output Networks

Lecture 14: Importer-exporter networks, buyer-seller networks, and complex production chains

Unconventional Applications

Lecture 15: Leveraging historical data