Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

This class is designed for undergraduate students. I cover seminal contributions of the 20th Century in macro, from Samuelson's Overlapping Generations model to Diamond and Dybvig's bank runs model, from Lucas's rational expectations to endogenous growth theory. I have made every effort to present those important contributions using only the simplest technical tools.

Lecture notes and slides
Chapter 1: Measurements [notes] [slides]
Chapter 2: Growth [notes] [slides] 
Chapter 3: Business Cycles [notes] [slides]
Chapter 4: Overlapping Generations, Money and Pensions [notes] [slides]
Chapter 5: Bank runs and Financial Stability [notes] [slides]
Chapter 6: Coconut Islands and Unemployment [notes] [slides]

Problem sets
Pset 1: Measurements, due 27 September 2016, at 11:59AM [download pdf].
Pset 2: Growth, due 9 October 2016, at 11:59AM [download pdf].
Pset 3: Business Cycles 
Pset 4: Bank Runs

11/2/2016: Here's a mock exam to prepare for the midterm [download pdf], and solutions [download pdf]. Hope that helps!
11/2/2016: I will hold office hours tomorrow, Thursday 2 Nov, from 12:30PM to 1:30PM. My office is C 401a, at 28 rue des St Peres.
11/24/2016: Office hours today (like every Thursday, 12:30PM-1:30PM). My new office location is F 407, at 28 rue des St Peres.