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ATOL - A Lab-STICC platform

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Aeronautics Technico-Operational Laboratory

This joint lab associates

  • École Navale (IRENav)
  • Télécom Bretagne (LUSSI)
  • Thales Airborne Systems (Thales Systèmes Aéroportés)
  • Thales Underwater Systems

Main resarch topics

  • Cognitive dimension of mission systems
  • Taking the user into account in the design of complex systems
  • Optimization of the efficiency of the user interactions


For Thales Airborne Systems

  • Airborne maritime patrol
  • Electronic warfare
  • Signal intelligence
  • Ground monitoring

For Thales Underwater Systems

  • Underwater acoustics
  • Mine warfare

Other ATOL topics

  • Onboard mission systems
  • Drones control
  • Crisis management

Ongoing projects

Current PhD Thesis

  • New Interactive Visualization Modes for Electronic Warfare (Alma Cantu)
  • Managing Human Factors in Interactive Systems Engineering (Kevin Bergua)

Local projects with Thales

  • ObsSurMar
  • BigDataViz

Previous projects

Local projects with Thales

  • Geste3D
  • Dialodrone

Collaborative projects

  • ITEA Reconsurve
  • FUI Medusa