Research Genealogy about french HCI (for AFIHM members only)

Virtual Reality and HCI

Habilitation thesis

3D interaction and collaboration within virtual environments

  • HeloVis - a Helical Visualization for SIGINT Analysis Using 3D Immersion : see the video
  • New Interactive Display Techniques for Helping the Targeting of Military Drones
  • Asymmetric Approach for Collaborative Object Manipulation: see the video
  • 3D interaction with the 7-Handle technique: see the video
  • Vishnu: Virtual Immersive Support for HelpiNg Users: see the video 
  • The Stretchable Arms for Collaborative Remote Guiding: see the video 
  • Distant collaboration between Rennes and London (Collaviz - VisionAir joint results): see the video
  • Guiding techniques for collaborative exploration of CVE: see the video
  • Participation to the 2012 3DUI Contest: see the video
  • Collaviz collaboration between heterogenous 3D viewers (Collaviz) : see the video
  • Reconfigurable Tangible Interface (RTD) (Part@ge): see the video
  • Collaborative exploration of scientific data (Part@ge - SCOS joint results): see the video
  • 3-hand manipulation of virtual object (Part@ge): see the video


Current projects

  • DGA / Cranfield project
    • New Interactive Display Techniques for Helping the Targeting of Military Drones (Louis-Pierre Bergé)
  • CyberCNI project
    • 3D CyberCOP: 3D Interactive and Collaborative Visualization for Cyber-Security (Alexandre Kabil)
  • ATOL projects
    • Current PhD Thesis
      • New interactive visualization modes for Electronic Warfare (Alma Cantu)
      • Managing human factors in interactive systems engineering (Kevin Bergua)
    • Local projects with Thales
      • ObsSurMar
      • BigDataViz

Previous projects

Previous research activities

Interesting Conferences about HCI, VR, 3DUI, CVE and Software Engineering for Interactive systems