February 22, 2013

I recently had a call from a woman whose elderly mother was having her apartment treated for bedbugs. The mother was going to be staying with the daughter until the treatment was completed and they wanted to make sure that they had not brought any bedbugs into the daughter's home. Patches checked the whole house and it was clear, except for one spot - the mother's walker! I was so pleased to know that we were able to save those nice people from a second infestation.


May 11, 2012

Valerie & Patches are an amazing team. My daughter got some bites on her back while she was napping on the futon in the playroom. I found the bug and was instantly suspicious it was a bed bug. I called Valerie the same day and Patches identified the futon and other hotspots in my house. I made the mistake of buying second hand furniture thinking if I just bought the frames and bought new mattresses it would be safe. How wrong I was. Patches was able to identify and narrow down specific infected areas so it was easy to contain and remove the infested material. We have since had a resweep and all is clear.

What a fantastic service! And so inexpensive. I would NEVER have known anything was wrong if this dog had not detected it and the infestation would have been completely unmanageable by the time I would have seen anything. Totally recommend this Service.

River Heights homeowner.