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Proactive Inspections

The most common way a facility discovers they have an infestation is from a guest/client complaint. The facility then contacts a Pest Management Company to inspect for an infestation and treat the area. Unfortunately, in situations like these the damage has already been done. This becomes a never-ending reactive cycle that can lead to bad publicity, loss of revenue, and even legal action.

With regularly scheduled proactive inspections of your facility you can prevent client complaints. By finding infestations in the early stages you significantly reduce the time, labour, and cost for remediation efforts.

Regularly scheduled inspections will demonstrate that you are making every effort possible to ensure your facility is free of bed bugs and is of the highest standards.

Targeted and Emergency Inspections

If a facility receives a guest/client complaint or a bed bug sighting, The Winnipeg Dog can inspect the surrounding areas to pinpoint the exact location and size of the infestation before the Pest Management Provider is called in for treatment. In the scheduling of these services, preference will be given to organizations under contract with the Winnipeg Dog for Proactive Inspections. This will improve your ability to respond quickly to a problem.

Follow Up Inspections

After your facility has been treated for bed bugs, our canine unit can inspect the treated area and the surrounding areas to ensure that the infestation has been completely eliminated. By inspecting after treatment you can reduce the possibility of a major reinfestation. Depending on type of treatment used, there may be a delay required before a follow up inspection can be performed.


Whether you are arriving in Winnipeg or leaving, The Winnipeg Dog can ensure that you are not bringing unwanted guests home in your luggage. You can either bring your suitcases to us, or we can come to you and inspect your luggage before you bring it into your home.


All services listed under Facilities are also available to homeowners and renters.

In addition, after your home has been treated for bedbugs, The Winnipeg Dog can inspect your bagged items for hidden bed bugs before bringing them back into your home.

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