Bed Bug Dog in Winnipeg


Winnipeg's longest operation bed bug dog .

We show our customers how the patches can detect a bed bug using a live concealed "hide" to prove the dogs ability to locate bed bugs. Dog is tested every inspection to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Certified by The Florida Canine Academy.


A bed bug sniffing dog can detect with a greater than 90% accuracy the exact area where an infestation exists in small, concentrated areas, including difficult-to-access wall voids, crevices and furniture gaps. The human visual inspection alone has only a 30% accuracy rate in locating bed bugs.


Dogs smell in parts per trillion and are far more sensitive than humans. They can detect live bed bugs at all phases of their life cycle, from eggs to nymphs to adults.


The Winnipeg Dog is committed to working with you and the Pest Management industry in the fight against bed bugs. We are not an extermination company and being independent ensures no conflict of interest reporting to you.

The Winnipeg Dog is working toward making Winnipeg bedbug-free by providing inspections to Hands of Hope and Centre Flavie-Laurent,, organizations that provides free furniture and household goods to people in need.

The Winnipeg Dog supports Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters because Patches was homeless once too. FFFAS

"Patches uses her nose to detect bedbugs and then signals to Arpin once the pests have been located by sitting and pointing with her nose." See the article here

"There isn't anyone in the city who doesn't know someone who has been affected by the bugs. They're everywhere!" Valerie and Patches worked with Abell on the Granny's Poultry issue mentioned in the news report. See the article here