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It was in 2005 when the idea of a convention for high school students and science teachers focusing on Genetics was conceived by then Education Committee Head Audrie Ann Lazaga, Batch Gyrase. The following year, the idea materialized as the first Genetics Camp headed by GeneSoc Vice-President Ms. Lorelie Ramos, Batch Gyrase was held at Collegio de San Juan de Letran in Calamba, Laguna. And until now, the Genetics Camp is an annual activity hosted by The UPLB Genetics Society with the aim of promoting the knowledge and share the advancements in the science of Genetics to high school students. Since its humble beginnings in 2005, the Genetics Camp covered vital and important issues that concern most importantly the society.


In this century, the field of Genetics has greatly been redefining the way people live their lives. It has been an essential part of society that it has seamlessly intertwined and related so many different fields and produced various products for the benefit of mankind. With state-of-the-art technologies and revolutionizing techniques, the science of Genetics has continuously been recognizing the many possibilities and slowly making those possibilities into a definite reality.

Although, Genetics is indeed making itself heard loud and clear in the world of science, not everyone is paying attention to it. In the Philippines, not everyone is aware of its contributions and role in the community. However, this became an impetus for us at The UPLB Genetics Society. Our organization has been constantly at the forefront of encouraging the creative appreciation and understanding of the science to the constituents of UPLB.

The secondary level of education has long been identified as one of the sectors that are shorthanded in the field of Genetics. With the fast track of development in the field, problems arise in informing the students and the method of teaching. The change in the basic education curriculum to K to 12 has also made genetic concepts present throughout the Junior High School Science Curriculum.

High school students are also in their formative years wherein higher education and career choices are made. At this point, the fields of which they will participate in the next years are chosen. The organization belives that this as a great avenue to encourage students to the STEM track, and introduce to them the promising discipline of Genetics.

Pursuant of our objectives to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in the Philippines, as well as to provide an opportunity for the discussion of trends, activities and ideas in Genetics, The UPLB Genetics Society has organized the annual Genetic Camp which highlights the latest advancements in the field of Genetics.


The UPLB Genetics Society have prepared activities that would stimulate the consciousness of high school students on the significance of Genetics and aid them in the appreciation of the science. The Annual Genetics Camp specifically aims:
  1. To introduce the science of Genetics to the participants;

  2. To make the participants familiar with the different applications of Genetics to humanity; and

  3. To stimulate awareness on the impact of Genetics in the society.


"Genetics at your fingertips."

Camp Editions

2006    Genetics: An Introduction and Its Applications

2007    Genetics in  Human Nutrition: Of Rice and Men

2008    Gene’s Anatomy: Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance and its Medical Applications                     

2009    Superfoods: An Introduction to GMOs and Biofortification

2010    IntelliGENEs: Redefining the Forensic Sciences through Genetics

2011    EmerGENEcy: Understanding the Genetics behind Cancer

2012    GENEtervention: Beware. Be aware. Screen for Rare.

2013    GENEstability: Sustainable Agricultural Productivity through Genetics and Biotechnology

2014    GENEovation: Paving the way for Medical Improvement through Pharmacogenomics

2015    OriGENE: Reconstructing the Past and Interpreting Present Human Variations                                 through Anthropological Genetics

2016    StrateGENEUnlocking the Mysteries of Biodiversity through DNA Barcoding

2017    Sustaining the IndiGENEous: Amplifying Forest Genetics for 
Glocal Climate Change Resiliency

2018    Conquering PathoGENEs: Battle against Antibiotic Resistance for Health and                        Immunity


  • Lectures and Symposia featuring invited experts and guest lecturers
  • Exhibit display
  • Workshops
    • Structure of the DNA (DNA Origami, DNA Beads)
    • Crude DNA Isolation Demonstration using simple household tools and ingredients
    • Beads-on-a-String (Observation of Supercoiling)
  • Special Symposium on Folic Acid (2009-present; included in line with the campaign on folic acid supplementation and its importance in the prevention of neural tube defects)
  • Inter-High School Contests
    • Inter-High School Genetics Quiz Contest (2006-present)
    • Essay Writing Contest (2008-present)
    • Extemporaneous Speech Contest (2007)/ Advocacy Speech Contest (2017)
    • Diorama Making Contest (2008)
    • Poster Making Contest (2006, 2012-present)
    • Slogan Making Contest (2012-present)
    • Debate (2013)
    • Search for Young Genetics Ambassador (2017)
  • Faculty Workshop on the Effective Ways of Teaching Genetics (2008-present)
    • DNA Model Construction 
    • Base-pairing Activity
    • Demonstration of Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis)
  • Socialization's Night (2007-present)
  • Sponsor's Session (2014)
    • Brain Train, PhilRice (2014)
  • Additional Activities
    • International Rice Research Institute Laboratory Tour (2007)
    • Biotech Documentary Video Presentation (2009)
    • National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB-UPLB) Tour (2013)
    • Museum of Natural History Tour (2015)

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