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The UPLB Genetics Society, also known as GeneSoc, is an academic organization that was established in 1983, pioneered by 23 Biology and Agriculture majors. Through the years, the organization strives to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in the country; to facilitate the interaction between the faculty and members of the organization; and to give each member an opportunity to discuss trends, activities and ideas in Genetics and its related fields. For more than 30 years of existence, GeneSoc has accomplished several prestigious achievements not only in UPLB but in the whole country as well. The organization regularly sponsors activities including the regular BIO 30 Tutorials, annual BIO 30 InterLab Quiz Contest, IQlympics General Info-IQ Quiz Contest, the annual Genetics Week, National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest and Genetics Camp. Aside from these academic ventures, the organization has been conducting outreach programs in different communities and has also been participating in a number of athletic events within the University. And, recognizing its significant role in the advancement of the nation, GeneSoc has been affiliated to the networks and alliances which embody principles and advocacies that are ultimately heading towards nation building.


    •  To be the leading organization in upholding academic excellence and promoting the science Genetics in the Philippines. 


    • To promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in the Philippines;
    • To facilitate the interaction between the faculty and the members of the organization;
    • To function as a study group for students interested in Genetics and its related fields in the University; and
    • To give each member an opportunity to discuss trends, activities, and ideas in Genetics, and its related sciences.


    It was on December 20, 1983, when The UPLB Genetics Society first breathed its way into history. It was pioneered by 23 Biology and Agriculture majors, headed by Paulino Daniel Cepeda (BS Biology - Genetics). Through the years, the organization has been promoting and creating awareness about the science of Genetics in the Philippines, facilitating the interaction between the faculty and the members of the organization, functioning as a study group interested in Genetics and its related fields in the University, and giving each member an opportunity to discuss trends, activities and ideas in Genetics and its related sciences.

    Pursuing the goal of promoting academic excellence, the organization sponsors the BIO 30 tutorials every semester to provide supplementary lectures for students taking the Genetics course. The society also developed a reputation as a force in campus quiz contest with the BIO 30 Interlab Quiz Contest held during the first semester and the IQlympics on the second semester. These two quiz contests are participated by students as well as other organizations in the university. More so, as a way of celebrating trends and frontiers in Genetics, The UPLB Genetics Society yearly holds the Genetics Week, which was started in 1986. It features an exhibit, the IQlympics quiz contest, symposia, and Open Tambayan, encouraging and inviting audience both within and outside academic premises. Further, a similar activity introduced in 2008, the BIO30 Week aims to present the advancing fields of Genetics and its applications in the UPLB community. 

    The UPLB Genetics Society is also known to have sponsored the first National Genetics Symposium in 1990. This was held again in 1992 and 1994. The event became the forerunner of the Philippine Society for the Advancement of Genetics (PhilSAGen) - the organization of leading professionals related to the science of Genetics in the Philippines. In 1996, the PhilSAGen took over the sponsorship of the symposium. Two years later, GeneSoc sponsored the 1st Luzon Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest which was participated by twelve universities. The event was followed by two more editions in 2000 and 2002. In 2006, the society launched the Genetics Camp (GenCamp), a two-day activity for high school students and faculty members. The camp, which eventually replaced the Intercollegiate Quiz Contest, initially catered to students from Los Baños  and its vicinity. GeneSoc eventually achieved a Luzon-wide coverage in the 2009 Genetics Camp offering. In 2013, the Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest was revived into a national competition, the NIGQC. Aside from these academic activities, the organization has been participating to athletic events in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS-UPLB) such as the PalaCASan and kasCASan.

    Within the University, GeneSoc has been affiliated to networks and alliances which embody principles and advocacies that are ultimately heading towards nation building. In 1996, GeneSoc was among the 25 formations to establish SAKBAYAN (Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan)-UPLB, an alliance of organizations, fraternities, and sororities in the University that takes a stand against the commercialization of education and campus repression, upholding a pro-student and pro-people education. In 2002, having GENEWS as its official publication, GeneSoc became one of the organizations to found Solidaridad LB, a chapter of UP Solidaridad which is an alliance of student publications and writers’ organizations in the whole UP System that advocates for campus press freedom.

    The society also conducts advocacy and outreach programs to different communities like medical and dental missions, and community health promotion in rural areas. Projects such as the "Adopt-a-Room" that would benefit the Institute of Biological Sciences has also been conducted by the organization. In 2007, the organization initiated the Hope Intervention Outreach Program: One Gene, One Child which caters to Hope Intervention Center, a special education center for children diagnosed with autism and related developmental disabilities in Calamba, Laguna.

    In 2008, GeneSoc started another advocacy program that was grounded on the importance and capacity of the youth in promulgating change in society. After being handpicked by Dr. Carmencita Padilla, former director of the Institute of  Human Genetics of the National Institutes of Health - UP Manila, GeneSoc accepted the challenge to take the lead on building a youth leaders network that will promote awareness on folic acid supplementation, rare disorders and newborn screening. Together with technical partners from IHG-NIH and Department of Health, the endeavor materialized as the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health (VYLH)-Philippines on July 2009. As part of its commitment to the VYLH network and its advocacies, GeneSoc takes part in strengthening the network of university and community-based organizations in Los Banos, and training community-based youth volunteers through the K4Health Community Youth Training Program which was launched in 2016.

    With endless dedication and perseverance, The UPLB Genetics Society has, and will continue to live up to the dream, pursue its commitment for excellence and service, take bolder steps and even exceed its limits.

    Charter Members

                see Members of The UPLB Genetics Society.

    1. Bonga, Danilo
    2. Cepeda, Paulino Daniel R.
    3. Concepcion, Julie M.
    4. Conducto, Noel C.
    5. Davide, Jorge R. Jr.
    6. Javier-De Jesus, Resa G.
    7. De los Reyes, Benildo G.
    8. Dela Rosa, Ma. Teresita C.
    9. Dela Cruz, Norberto
    10. Enriquez, Francisca
    11. Fernandez, Angel
    12. Guzman, Peter S.
    13. Ilag, Leodovico L.
    14. Ledesma, Ma. Gemma S.
    15. Manalili, Karima
    16. Manuel, Adolfo C. Jr.
    17. Moran, Daniel
    18. Reyes, Elva
    19. Reyes, Melquiades
    20. Salacup, Senen
    21. Samonte, Stanley Omar Pb.
    22. Sta. Iglesia, Drina DD.
    23. Umali, Reynato P.

    Official Seal

    The seal of the organization consists of the stylized profile of a man’s silhouette with the graphic representation of a plasmid placed inside it. A plasmid refers to an extrachromosomal circular double stranded DNA capable of independent replication. The head being the seat of mental capacity resonates the thrust of the organization towards fostering academic excellence. It also represents the founding president of the organization, Mr. Paulino Daniel Cepeda. 

    This silhoutte is enclosed inside two concentric rectangles with rounded corners. The inner rectangle represents the organization's involvement within the University while the outer signifies the organization's work outside the University. The four corners of the border signify the four emerging fields during the establishment of the organization - Microbiology, Agriculture, Genetics and Systematics. The rounded edges depict another thrust of the organization, molding well-rounded students and leaders. 

    In between the rectangles, printed in bold letters is the name of the organization and year of its establishment (THE UPLB GENETICS SOCIETY 1983). All lines, letters, and symbols are rendered in GeneSoc blue (HEX####) against a white background (HEX####). 

    The Official Seal of The UPLB Genetics Society

    The UPLB Genetics Society Preamble

    “We, the members of the UPLB Genetics Society, recognizing the importance of an organization in order to contribute to the advancement of the nation, by encouraging creative appreciation of the science of Genetics in the context of social relevance, by fostering excellence in our every undertaking and by involving ourselves with the University constituency, do hereby promulgate this Constitution, attesting to uphold its integrity.”

    Official Publication, GENEWS

    The name of the official publication of The UPLB Genetics Society is GENEWS. Since its maiden issue in 2006 with Ms. Rachel Reventar as Editor-in-Chief, the newsletter has been regularly distributed to the participants of major GeneSoc activities and to the offices and other organizations in the University. GENEWS primarily reports the recent activities of the organization. It also presents literary contributions from the members, local and international advancements on the field of Genetics, and profiles of the new members of the organization. 

    Aside from the print material, the GENEWS is also accessible in a blog platform, GENEWS ONLINE, in order to capture a wide range of readership. Portable Document File (PDF) formats of the current and previous GENEWS editions are also made available to the public through the GENEWS Archives.

    March 2008 Cover of GENEWS. The Official Publication of   The UPLB Genetics Society.

    GENEWS ONLINE. The digital version of the print publication. GENEWS ONLINE can be accessed through

    Official Mascot, Genoc

    Genesoc is one if not the only academic organization in UP Los Baños with a mascot. The mascot was created by Leonel Cadapan (Genome) and named "Genoc". The mascot is a male fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster M.). In genetics and developmental biology, the fruit fly is used as a model organism making it one of the most studied organism in biological research. The female counterpart of Genoc was named Sophie and their offspring was named Maggie, the maggot.

    Genoc. The Official Mascot of The UPLB Genetics Society (left).
    PalaCASan 2013 rendition of Genoc (right)

    Taglines and Slogans

    • Redefining passion (since 1983)
    • Passion, Redefined
    • Replicate passion. Transcribe excellence. Translate brilliance. 
    • Excellence is an understatement
    • Living 360
    • Born to be extraordinary
    • It's in the GENES!
    • The sky is the limit
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    Awards and Achievements

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    Activities, Programs and Advocacies 

            see Activities of The UPLB Genetics Society.

            see Programs and Advocacies of The UPLB Genetics Society.

    Notable Members

    • Academician Dr. Glenn Gregorio (PhD) (Recombinants). Senior Scientist/Plant Breeder, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI); Principal investigator for IRRI's project on developing stress-tolerant rice for Asia and Africa, as well as for the other CGIAR challenge programs; 30th Grand Alumni Homecoming Distinguished Alumnus; Conferred the rank and title of Academician by the National Academy of Science and Technology - Philippines (2018)
    • Dr. Joseph C. Lim (MD, PhD)+ (Eugenics). 4th Place Physician Licensure Examinations (1999), First Filipino to win the Gates Cambridge Scholarship (2004)
    • Dr. Peter Guzman (PhD) (Charter) College of Agriculture Distinguished Alumnus in Science and Technology, 97th Loyalty Day (October 2015); Commercial Pipeline Breeder of Monsanto; Former UPLB assistant professor; Responsible for the development of the graduate course in molecular plant breeding and implementation of a seed production and distribution program for yellow and white corn varieties, benefiting around 20,000 resource poor farmers in the country
    • Dr. Benildo de los Reyes (PhD) (Charter) Professor of Molecular Genetics and cooperating faculty member of the Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, arrived at the University of Maine
    • Dr. Leodovico Ilag (PhD) (Charter) Involved with early stage biotechnology companies worldwide with focus on recombinant antibodies
    • Dr. Sylvia Briones-de Guzman (F1) City Health Officer of Calbayog City, Samar; Recognized together with the city government for being one of the first to bring complete response and relief to the City of Tacloban, Leyte after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)
    • Mr. Jose Alden Arellano (SNURPS) Founder of DIAMED Enterprises, one of major local players in life sciences, molecular biology, clinical diagnostics products.
    • Mr. Paul Benjamin Hilario (Exons) artist; curator of the Riceworld Museum and Learning Center of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI); curator of IRRI-collected and donated artworks and performs the role as IRRI’s historian
    • Mr. Cherubim Tito Cecilio (Gene Pool) Winner, MTV-Philippines Fashionista Model Search (2002); Prince Model of the World, and Philippine representative to the Best Model in the World contest in Instabul, Turkey (2002)
    • Mr. Ryan John Pascual (Regulon) First National President of Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health - Philippines (2011-2012); Folic Acid Campaign coordinator during the formation of VYLH-Philippines (2009-2010)
    • Honorary Members Dr. Rita Laude, Dr. Adelina Barrion; Dr. Merlyn Mendioro, Dr. Raquel Fortun, Dr. Carmencita Padilla, Dr. Rhodora Aldemita, Dr. Gabriel Romero; Dr. Maria Corazon de Ungria (8 as of November 2015)

    The official seal of 
    The UPLB Genetics Society

    Quick Facts:

    Official Name of the Organization:
    The UPLB Genetics Society

    Informal Name:

    Academic Organization
    Non-profit, Non-sectarian

    Date of Establishment:
    December 20, 1983

    Institute of Biological Sciences
    College of Arts and Sciences
    UP Los Baños, College, Laguna 4031


    101 batches of over 701 alumni, resident and non-resident members, and 8 honorary members (as of December 2016)

    Notable Achievements:
    Pioneer Convenor of the National Genetics Symposium

    Organizer of the Annual Genetics Camp

    Organizer of the National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest

    Pioneer Member Organization, and Convenor of VYLH-Philippines

    One of the 25 student formations that established SAKBAYAN-UPLB

    One of the founding organizations affiliated to SOLIDARIDAD-LB

    National Finalist, 14th Search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations

    2013 UPLB College of Arts and Sciences  Best Student Organization

    Host, PalaCASan 2016

    2018 UPLB Natatanging Organisasyon (Most Outstanding Student Organization - University Level)

    Six summa cum laude graduates, and numerous magna and cum laude graduates


    30th Founding Anniversary

    60th year of the
    DNA Double Helix


    Silver Founding Anniversary