Adoption times may be delayed due to limited veterinary availability for spays and neuters. 

We, and all of our kitties, appreciate your understanding and patience.

The Foster Kitten Project

Saving Kittens One Bottle At A Time

The Foster Kitten Project specializes in orphaned and abandoned neonatal kittens, defined as newborns up until four weeks of age.  

Many shelters are unable to take in these kittens due to their intensive round the clock care, because of this; they are one of the largest groups euthanized in the United States every year. 

The Foster Kitten Project rescues these kittens and gives them a fighting chance at life. 

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Donuts 4 Donations

Kitten season is a time of both joy and struggle in the world of animal rescue. As of the beginning of this fundraiser, The Foster Kitten Project (FKP) has over 30 neonatal kittens in our care, and more calls were coming in as we published this. 

How can you help? Purchase a dozen Krispy Kreme originals, and half your purchase goes to the care of our new kittens. Make your purchase here and redeem at any U.S. Krispy Kreme; Buy a Dozen Donuts.

What is Kitten Season? You see, as spring turns to summer, cats give birth to litters of adorable kittens, flooding animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Unfortunately, this surge in cute and cuddly creatures often leads to overcrowding and unnecessary euthanasia as shelters struggle to find enough space and resources to care for them all.

That's where FKP comes in. We rescue orphaned and abandoned neonatal kittens, providing them with the care and support they need to survive and thrive. From round-the-clock feedings to medical care and socialization, the FKP team works tirelessly to ensure that every kitten has the best possible chance at a happy, healthy life.

But we can't do it alone. As kitten season approaches, we need your help more than ever. We're looking for financial and supply donations, dedicated foster homes, compassionate application processors, and savvy social media strategists to join our team and help us find loving furever homes for every kitten we rescue. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable creatures.

In 2022, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we rescued a record-breaking 251 kittens. And we're proud to say that our survival rate is an impressive 75%, well above the national average for neonatal kittens, which is 50%. That's because we provide our kittens with the best possible care, including spaying and neutering to help prevent the cycle of overpopulation. 

With your help, we can continue to make a difference and save even more lives during kitten season and beyond.

We are FKP's Most 'un'Wanted

The below cats have been with The Foster Kitten Project for more than six months without even one adoption application. 

They are healthy, loving, and purrfect but can be a little shy, meaning they need someone patient enough to allow their personalities to come to life. We promise they are worth it. 

"Will you adopt us or share our profiles on social media?"

Hi, I’m Douglas and I’m a sweetheart.  I will investigate things with a little caution; I’m not super scared or shy but not as outgoing as others.  I like people, and will walk up to you on my travels around the house and stop by for cuddles and lots of purring. I also love to play with toys, especially the feather on the string and stick and the little mice that I can carry and bat around to pounce on.

Of course you can often find me wrestling with littermates and other kittens – it never gets old to have a buddy to roughhouse with (then nap in a pile).  I’m pretty calm and will purr loudly when you pet me.  I can’t resist toys, so I will forget to be aloof when it’s time to play.  I’m pretty quiet and my meow is very quiet. 

I get along great with other kittens and adult cats; I’m good with kids and rub up against the dog here at the foster house.  If you are looking for a nice, calm kitten who is curious and loaded with purrs, I’m your guy!

In rescue since 06/22/2022.

Adopt Douglas

Hi, I’m Donna and I am a calm and reserved girl; Denise and Douglas are my littermates.  I’m a beauty, buff tabby with deep orange eyes and soft fur.  I have come a long way in a few months; I used to be really scared and just ran away from humans.  Now I don’t run; I stay and get some petting and that revs up my PURRS.  

Meeting strangers would be hard for me, I would need some time to warm up to you.  Of course, I am very sweet and gentle, and not so quick to run up to you and get in your business.  Food is a big motivator for me; I will come running when you open a can of food or something smells good (and I will be purring)!

I love toys, just like all kittens, and love to play with humans and kittens.  I can be found sleeping on the cat tree by the window, on the floor sleeping in the sun, or just hanging on the couch.  There is a dog here that I don’t love, but don’t mind, as well as other adult cats and several kittens. I am more of a solitary kitty, and like to observe and take it all in.  But I am always ready for wrestling with my littermates and love to sleep in kitty piles with them of course. When I get to my forever home, where I can get accustomed to surroundings, I will really bloom.

In rescue since 06/22/2022.

Adopt Donna

I was brought into a local shelter that partners with FKP. I came in with four babies of my own and added two more to my family while I entered into FKP's care. Sadly two of my babies passed away.

I love to throw around toy mice, and I get the zoomies in the afternoon. Then, I will follow you for food, butt scratches, and any kind of loving affection really (on my terms). 

I have not been around dogs in foster care. I am good with kids and sometimes prefer them to adults. I can be hot and cold with other cats. Sometimes I want to be the boss. Katniss is also litter box trained.

In rescue since 04/04/2022.

Adopt Katniss

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Rehoming Assistance

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