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The Foster Kitten Project

Saving Kittens One Bottle At A Time

The Foster Kitten Project specializes in orphaned and abandoned neonatal kittens, defined as newborns up until four weeks of age.

Many shelters are unable to take in these kittens due to their intensive round the clock care, because of this; they are one of the largest groups euthanized in the United States every year.

The Foster Kitten Project rescues these kittens and gives them a fighting chance at life.

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We are FKP's Most 'un'Wanted

The below cats have been with The Foster Kitten Project for more than six months without even one adoption application.

They are healthy, loving, and purrfect but can be a little shy, meaning they need someone patient enough to allow their personalities to come to life. We promise they are worth it.

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Wichita is over a year old and has been with The Foster Kitten Project for over six months. We have taken some extra special time with her because of her rough start in life.

You see, Wichita was picked up in, you guessed it, Wichita, KS. While at the shelter, she gave birth, but they had no space to keep them, and the family was due to be euthanized. However, a good samaritan saved them by driving to Wichita and bringing the family to us.

Sadly, one of her babies did not survive, but that didn't stop her from taking in 2 other orphans to care for. She was wonderful with all of the babies, and they have all found their furever families. Now that Wichita has acclimated to people, it is her time.

Wichita needs a family that will be patient. She is very sweet, loving, and incredibly playful but needs time to build trust.

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I was previously adopted but returned because my first owner chose not to get me the medical care I needed. I had a urinary tract infection, and when the first treatment did not work, my owner gave up on me.

Now that I have received the proper medical care, I am healthy but may need to stay on prescription diet food as a preventative measure. Also, since I had so many bad experiences with my litterbox, I require two large litter boxes that need to be cleaned out daily.

I am sweet, sassy, and spunky. I love to squawk. You read that right. I don't meow; I squawk. I will greet you when you come home and talk about your day. I will give you headbutts. I will love you unconditionally. I just want a family that will keep me furever.


Bellamy was born at The Foster Kitten Projet. Thankfully, his mom was brought to us within days of giving birth. All of Bellamy's siblings have found their furever families, but Bellamy has not gotten one application.

You see, Bellamy is shy and easily startled. However, he just wants a family to love. When he gets comfortable, he gets the zoomies and loves to play. He is also very laid back and gets along with children.

We will genuinely miss Bellamy when his furever family finds him, could that be you?

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