East Ramapo Salary Increment Policies

East Ramapo Central School District


Courses for Salary Increment  Policies

1. Any in-service course offered by the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center (and its corresponding credit value) must be authorized by the Teachers’ Center Policy Board and all assistant superintendents.


2. There must be 15 hours of instruction for each in-service course (for example, a 3-credit course = 45 hours of instruction).  Exceptions will be considered in compelling circumstances.


3. A maximum of 12 in-service credits from the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center may be applied to the15 credits required for movement to the next salary increment.  All other credits must be graduate credits. No undergraduate courses will be accepted for salary increments.


4. Some college-presented graduate courses taken through the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center will be recognized as graduate courses whether taken for college credit or in-service credit.  See the Teachers’ Center brochure for details.


5. All graduate courses will earn credit according to the terms of the issuing college, with no distinction if the course is offered at the college, at a satellite campus, or through a teachers’ center affiliation.


6. No salary increment credit will be given for in-service courses taken at a teachers’ center other than the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center.


7.There is a lifetime allowable limit of six video course credits.  Such courses must be authorized and taken under the auspices of the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center.


8.Online courses must be authorized and taken under the auspices of the East Ramapo Teachers’ Center.  All other online courses will be evaluated by the school district on a case-by-case basis.


9. The following maximums for course credits toward salary increments are in effect:


18 credits per year (between July 1 - June 30):

·         6 credits per East Ramapo fall semester

·         6 credits per East Ramapo spring semester

·         12 credits during the summer

      (summer begins after the last school day in June)


10. All courses used for salary increments, including East Ramapo Teachers’ Center in-service courses, must be submitted on the Request for Course Approval Toward Salary Increment form PRIOR to the start of each course and approved by the Personnel Office.


11. A teacher who does not take a course for which he or she has been pre-approved should notify the Personnel Office as soon as possible. 

12. A teacher who is qualified for a new class on the salary schedule will be transferred to the appropriate step of the new class effective the first day of July for courses completed during the second semester which satisfy the salary transfer requirements ; the first day of September for courses completed during the summer which satisfy the salary transfer request requirements; and the first day of February for those courses completed during the f 

The courses need to be completed prior to January 31st. to be effective for February 1st.  Courses to be completed by August 31st for September 1st increment.  The employee has 90 days from the completion of the last class to submit paperwork.  For September the date is December 1st.  For February is May 1st.

13. Salary increment will be denied any time, including after the fact, if the information provided is inaccurate or not in accordance with the above provisions.



Jun 13, 2016, 11:58 AM