Let Us Return - The Story of the Chagos Islanders - 2015

Let Us Return - The Story of the Chagos Islanders - 2015 from Evoque on Vimeo.

'Stealing A Nation' - 2004

A Granada production for ITV. It was first broadcast on ITV1, 6 October 2004. Directors: John Pilger and Chris Martin. Producer: Chris Martin.

Approx 1 hour running time.

John Pilger Website

Diego Garcia - 2003

Correspondent: Christian Amanpour reports. Producer: Andrew Tkach

Run time 13 minutes

Chagossians - The Unknown British Exiles - 2007

By Jack Aristide

My Island Home - Chagos Islands - 2007

Journeyman Pictures. Produced by: SBS/Dateline

John Pilger - Proven Conspiracy - Chagos Islands Population Expelled to Make Way for US Base

Tributes to the Chagossian Aurelie Lisette Talate who died on 4 Jan 2012

Aurelie Lisette Talate was born in the Chagos Archipelago in 1941. She was removed from her homeland by the British and died in exile on the island of Mauritius after a lifetime of leading the struggle to demand a right of return.

The Forgotten People of Chagos

Producer: Ben Crisp

On the 31st March the people of Chagos took a stand outside the Royal Court of Justice, London in light of another court case that could potentially determine the fate of their homeland. They were here to appeal the decision to make the Chagos islands a Marine Protected Area, thus making it almost impossible for the islanders to return home, 50 years after being unjustly kicked out of their homeland by British and American power. This is their story.

SPEAKHumanRights - 2011

A Visit by Chagossians to their Homeland - 2006

Visit to Chagos 28 October - 3 November 2011

The Chagos Islands - 2010

Produced by: Walkabout Yachts

A video produced by a yachtsman visiting the northern Atolls in 2010.

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