Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia - aerial photograph

An interesting and informative website about Diego Garcia run by Ted Morris (a former USAF pilot) can be found at: The Provisional Peoples' Democratic Republic of Diego Garcia. It contains a wealth of useful information and photographs - some of it a little zany!

For details of the agreements between the UK and US concerning the use of Diego Garcia see the page 'US/UK Agreements'. This Greenpeace summary is not quite accurate. There is no "lease" and the original 1966 agreement was for an unlimited period, but after 50 years either side could terminate the agreement with 2 years notice, otherwise it was to continue for a further 20 years (ie until December 2036). No "rent" is due nor paid.

The 'window' for termination or renegotiation runs from December 2014 to December 2016.

President George W Bush arrives at Diego Garcia, 4 Sept 2007 

Notice that the BritRep (the one with shorts in white) seems to be much smaller than the Americans - fewer hamburgers perhaps? And yes the Brit Navy seems to like making their officers look like schoolboys - hence the shorts.