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We can be contacted at, or call us at 954-969-1505

Any Ayitian or interested artiste can join The BLTC either as a permanent member, a freelance performer, or as a group affiliate (Networking).   It means that when you or your group are registered in our database, you are guaranteed to be called on whenever we enter into a contract or when there is a need for you or your group's specific ability. 

The Bob Lapierre Theatre Company never ever turns down an artist.  We do not do audition, because we speak theatre; most importantly, because we want to encourage you to stay in tune with your own culture while learning beyond your individual capacity.  We make you do on the stage what you think you could not do.  The psychology is different (Your behavior dictates our approval of you), and the philosophy is simple: “Every one deserves a chance.”  

WARNING: The Bob Lapierre Theatre Company does not endorse or promote “Cult of personality.”  Our view of an artist is that of a gifted being who can entertain and teach, most importantly, serve as the glaring rainbow of the impossible contrast of life.  Us artists, we are the counter balance of World hostilities. We are simply dreamers of a better future for our planet, and not necessarily falling gods as Alphonse de Lamartine once wrote.

                                                                                                                                                            - The Director

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CHOUBLAK (Hibiscus)
Se Flè Nasyonal Ayiti
This is Ayiti's National Flower


FRIZE (L'effraie)
Se Zwazo Nasyonal Ayiti
This Is Ayiti's National Bird
Bob Lapierre,
Mar 28, 2010, 5:51 PM