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These pages are destined to young generations of Ayitians, who know not who they are.
Ces Ayisyens de valeurs ont tous œuvré non pour leur gloire personnelle, mais bien pour vous créer un respect acquis parmi les civilisés du monde. [Parents please translate if necessary]

Marc Louis Bazin

Economiste;  Ministre des Finances; Ministre sans Portefeuille; Premier Ministre (1992); Ministre de la Planification.  Malgré toutes les circonstances défavorables à sa personne, Mr. Bazin a essayé de servir son pays.

Jean Beausejou
Footbaleur Chillien-Haitien

Jensen Desrosiers
Outstandingly Experienced  and Competent Production Director

Billy Fleurima
(Ti Blan)

It is important for the music fans to know that Billy, Yvon Louissaint, and Alix Jacques, all three topmost musicians learned to play the guitar in one month; thereafter, performed professionally in the next.  Click on the picture, to experience Billy's latest musical composition,  "Ayiti Peyi Nou"

"Man is a product of his environment"
Alan Cavé
In his generation, Cave is a ground-breaker.  He successfully broke away from the long-established "Compas" frenzy, as he successfully spearheaded into his own style of music, and at the same time holding on to the tradition.

Stanley (Tantan) Toussaint  
He followed Cave's step and successfully succeeded as well.
Yet, holding on to the tradition

Simone Roy Mentor
Maurice Casseus

Max Dorismon

Edner Rainer Sainvill

Among countless of unsung Ayitian intellectuals, Ed is the one who the Bob Lapierre Theatre Company proudly hold in the highest regard for his most valuable work, "Tambours Frappés."

André Pierre, Esq

Mayor of North Miami, FL.

Yvon (Kapi) André
One of the pioneers of the Mini-Jazz era, 1960's, Kapi, beyond his musical versatility remains unquestionably the professional ”gongiste-percussioniste” of the Tabou Combo Super-Star.  Few people know about Kapi being the author of the musical score for one of the first Ayitian films by Camille-David Duchatelier & Lesly Vilfort’s  "Carline" (Dutchvil 1984)

Willy Exumé
Exumé is renowned for his overstepping of our traditional ‘Court-Métrage” films as have done the three pioneers Bob Lemoine, Rasoul Labuchin, and Camille-David Duchatelier.  He is the first successful Ayitian movie-maker to have filmed a full length movie and, for the first time, introduced Ayitian films inside the regular Movie-House and on the Silver-Screen, "Lavi Ayisyen Nan Nouyòk:" Lead actors Shiley Anilus and Bob Lapierre (1984).

Michel Monin
Artist paint

Mozart Demesmin
Homme d'État - Poet
He is the famous author of
"Pour le Drapeau" 
song exceptionally executed by his daughter Carole Demesmin.

John Kercy
 Electronics Engineer

Altagrace Hyppolite Elie
                 (a.k.a Grazye)
Ayiti's Top Fashion Designer

 Gracelle Beauvais