Just as the China Wall epitomizes the character and strength of the Chinese People,

the Bald Eagle that of the People of the United States, the Royal Palm was designated by our nation’s father, General-Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the Great, or Jacques 1er, to convey a similar meaning for all Ayitians: Strong, Brave, Proud, and Unflinching even under the worse hurricane.

         In our National Anthem, there is a very important line that sings: “Dans nos rangs, point de traître . . . ♪♪♫”

so unfortunate today, I witness the most disloyal among us singing this key slogan with the greatest passion and a tear-jerking determination that made my head spin.  I simply shook my head in disbelief, and powerlessly gambled my confidence in the hands of the ancestors, for in their dimension, I do not think they are happy with us.  My theatre father and friend, the great René Jean-Pierre Audain, used to sing his faith in the new generations.  I do not think he would be smiling now, to witness how the so-called generation Y is trashing and trading our beautiful Culture.  It is no different then those politicians trafficking our protocol and pride.

         I am a witness of the calamitous ignorance of shady and money hungry compatriots, trading out the soul of my birth-land, its great Culture, and its unmatched historical prowess.  I must conclude that we are a paradoxical people, contradictory, and confused.  All of that, about us, kill me alive.

Bob Lapierre - 2009