The Purple Fan

The Purple Fan,

a play in the Chinese Tradition.

by Kenneth Scollon

The Purple Fan is a folk tale presented in the Chinese tradition. It is the story of a poor young boy, Jing Ho, who discovers a magical purple fan. This fan is the key to solving the mystery of the missing heir to the throne of China who was kidnapped as a child.. The fan also brings with it a ghost, Jug Lui, a boy of Jing Ho's age. For the poor young boy, solving the mystery of the heir's disappearance is a matter of life and death ( in the form of or a date with the Lord High Executioner).

Cast of Characters:

Chorus - Sadie Howes

Jing Ho - Quenton Glennon

Jug Lui - Felicity Campbell

Lord High Executioner - Nermin Hasanovic

The Empress - Bethanie Ryan

The Emperor - Nick Cochran

Princess - Karina Ithier

Mu Chung - Evan Upham

Loobong - Shari Bou-Fakhreddine

Lao Shinn - Michelle Laramie

1st Prop - Rebecca Avard

2nd Prop - Haleigh Przybyla

3rd Prop - Michelle Laramie

4th Prop - Zach Glennon

5th Prop - Karina Ithier

Production Team

Director- Ms. Ann Holmes

Stage Manager- Zachary Glennon

Ass't Stage Manager- Gregory Pratt

Sound Head- Kylie Shore

Co-Light Heads- Eric Desmarais and Anna Conley

Prop Head- Ashara Bou-Fakhreddine

Makeup Head- Mercedes Howes

Costume Head- Rebecca Avard

Publicity- Krystel Kippin