Chamber Music

Cast of Chamber Music

Woman Who Plays Records... Olivia Dube

Woman in Safari Outfit... Felicity Campbell

Woman with Notebook.... Anna Conley

Girl in Gossamer Dress... Karina Ithier

Woman in Aviatrix Outfit... Kelsi McGrath

Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb.... Hannah Simpson

Woman in Armor... Bethanie Ryan

Woman With Gavel... Mercedes Howes

Man in White... Nermin Hasanovic

His Assistant... Josiah Berkely- Anderson

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Gregory Pratt

Assistant Stage Manager: E. Maynard

Set Design (Chamber Music): Dawn MacKechnie

Set Design (Aria Da Capo): Anne Holmes

Costume Design: Nicholas Cochran

Costume Construction: Ruth Glennon, Nicholas Cochran, Karen Morrissette, Jocelyn Couture

Costume Crew: T'yanna Hicks-Valliancourt, Mia Barger

Makeup Head/Design: Brookelyn Gingras

Prop Crew: Brookelyn Gingras, Savana Miller, Amanda Valente

Grips: Samuel Gange, Brooke;yn Gingras, T'yanna Hicks-Valliancourt, E. Maynard, Savana Miller, Gregory Pratt

Light Design: Anna Conley

Light Crew: Eric Desmarais, Hannah MacKay

Sound (Chamber Music): Gregory Pratt

Sound Design/Piano Recordings (Aria Da Capo): Nermin Hasanovic

Sound Operator: Samuel Gangne

Set Crew: Felicity Campbell, Nicholas Cochran, Anna Conley, Eric Desmarais, Olivia Dube, Emma Fontaine, Samuel Gagne, Nermin Hasanovic, Mercedes Howes, Karina Ithier, David Manqueros, E. Maynard, Kelsi McGrath, Nathan Podziewski, Gregory Pratt, Hannah Simpson, Jareck Westcott

Publicity: Karina Ithier

Poster Design: Nicholas Cochran

Program: Jennifer Kippin

House Manager: Emma Fontaine

Director: Anne Holmes