Give & Take

Production Team

Director-Timothy Benner*

Stage Manager-Zach Glennon

Ass't Stage Manager-Bethanie Ryan

Lighting Design & Operation-Quenton Glennon

Sound Engineer-Zach Glennon

Makeup-Lindsey Allard & Sadie Howes

Props & Costumes-Cheryl Giffen* & Timothy Benner*

Chaperones & Ushers- Ann Holmes* & Mary Waples, RN*

* Denotes Adult

Cast of Give and Take

"Bridget and the Leprechaun" a tale from old Ireland

Bridget-Corrie Ann Clements

Leprechaun-Becca Avard

Stone Wall-Haylie Zebrowski

Hedge-Jeannique Celestin

Stream-Felicity Campbell

Trees-Sadie Howes & Krystel Kippin

Flowers-Lindsey Allard, Jocelyn Couture, & Bethanie Ryan

"Nanabozo and the Boulder" a Native American Tale

Narator-Felicity Campbell

Nanabozo-Sadie Howes

The Boulder-Haylie Zebrowski

Sun-Becca Avard

Moon-Jocelyn Couture

Clouds, Rain, & Lightning-Corrie Anne Clements

Various Animals, Birds, & Bats-Lindsey Allard, Jeannique Celestin, Krystel Kippin, & Bethanie Ryan

"The Crane Wife" a tale from Japan

Narrator-Sadie Howes

Yohei-Lindsey Allard

The Crane Wife-Bethanie Ryan

The Neighbor-Corrie Anne Clements

Voice of Yohei-Haylie Zebrowski

Voice of the Crane Wife-Felicity Campbell

Voice of the Neighbor-Becca Avard

Screen-Jeannique Celestin & Jocelyn Couture

"Kalulu and the Money Tree" a tale from Nigeria

Narrator-Lindsey Allard

Kalulu-Felicity Campbell

The Chief-Krystel Kippin

Warthog-Becca Avard

Lion-Haylie Zebrowski

Tortoise-Jeannique Celestin

Kalulu's Wife-Bethanie Ryan

Chief's Crew-Corrie Anne Clements, Jocelyn Couture, & Sadie Howes

"The Pardoner's Tale" a tale from Medieval England

Narrator-Krystel Kippin

Undertaker-Corrie Anne Clements

Rogue 1-Bethanie Ryan

Rogue 2-Felicity Campbell

Rogue 3-Sadie Howes

Mourners-Lindsey Allard, Jeannique Celestin, Jocelyn Couture, & Haylie Zebrowski

Poor Bertie-Becca Avard

"Legend of the Blue Bonnets" an old Comanche Legend

She Who Is Alone-Bethanie Ryan

Shaman-Haylie Zebrowski

The Spirits-Lindsey Allard & Corrie Anne Clements

The Tribe-Becca Avard, Felicity Campbell, Jeannique Celestin, Jocelyn Couture, Sadie Howes, & Krystel Kippin.

-We have safely returned from the United Kingdom!

We started off our trip(7-31-12) by leaving Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to Philadelphia International Airport. Then from Philadelphia we headed to London Heathrow Airport. On Aug. 1st we landed in London. We started with a two hour walking tour of London and then headed to our dorms in Birmingham.

On day 3 (Aug. 2nd) we left Birmingham to go to Stratford-Upon-Avon and we saw the birthplace of Shakespeare and some other important buildings in Stratford's history. We saw the show Much Ado About Nothing at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford. We choose this show to watch because most of the student participants on the trip had participated in our own production of Much Ado About Nothing(2009-2010 Season). On Aug. 3rd we left Birmingham and headed to Edinburgh, Scotland. When we got to Edinburgh we took a tour around the city with a guide who worked with the ASHTF. We then went to Edinburgh University Dorms, were we would be staying for the rest of our trip.

On Saturday the 4th we had a rehearsal of our show(Give & Take) in the common room at one of the dorms at Edinburgh University. We handed out flyers on the Royal Mile, and we went to see an Improve Musical performed by a group called Baby Wants Candy. On Sunday we had our Technical Rehearsal at Church Hill Studio. We had a Ceilidh(Scottish Dance). We tried learning a few dances and most of us succeed in learning at least one. On Monday we had our first performance at 9:30am. Later that night we saw a production of "Hamlet & Other Theatrical Nightmares" by a school in Connecticut. Tuesday the 7th, some of us hiked up Arthur's Seat. We had a performance that night at 5:30.

Wednesday we attended a production of "The Persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, As performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis De Sade" by a New Mexico School.

We went to the Royal Military Tattoo that night. It was amazing to say the least. Thursday we attended Alaska's "The Cactus Gulch Opry House". One of the members of our cast and crew was asked to help in the show. It was very funny and it kept most of us laughing throughout the rest of the show. We had our third show that night at 9:30. Friday we had our final show of the week at 1:30 in the afternoon. At 5:30 we attended Kansas' production of "You Don't Know Me".

Saturday we went sightseeing around Stirling Castle and the Trossachs. On Sunday we had Closing Ceremonies for the ASHTF Session 1, and our Celebration meal. We also went to the statue of Bobby. Who went to his master's grave everyday until he died. On Monday Aug. 13th we headed home. we got up really early so we could make our flight from Glasgow back to Philadelphia. We flew home from Philadelphia to Manchester. Then from the airport we returned to West, in a party bus, to return the props.

Check out Theatre Knight's Facebook page for pictures from the trip.