DSPlayer (V1.0 August 12, 2004)

Source code for DirectShow MPEG2, MPEG1, AVI and Quicktime player. Requires Microsoft's DirectX SDK to be installed. This was developed with version 9.0b.

DemuxGUI (V1.0 April 11, 2005)

Tool to demultiplex MPEG2 and VOB files based on bbdmux by Brent Beyeler. This uses the same source code as demux below but with a pretty user interface.

Demux (V1.0 August 11, 2004)

Source code and executable for a command line MPEG demultiplexer based on bbdmux by Brent Beyeler. I modified the code to speed up the performance so that it only makes one pass through the source file to extract all the streams.

  • Usage:
  • demux MPEG_filename DestStreamBasename

Produces for MP2 audio

Out_c0.m2a (Audio stream 0xc0)

Out_e0.m2v (Video stream 0xe0)

  • Produces For AC3 audio:
    • Out_180.ac3 (Audio stream 0xbd [the 1] substream 0x80)
    • Out_e0.m2v (Video stream 0xe0)