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Development Tools

Some tools off the web

    • 6801 Assembler and Linker for PC command shell

Hardware Projects

Code Development Board

Code: first.asm

Schematic: Not translated

Device: 68701

This project is a board that I wire wrapped together to allow me to play with the processor without having to program the EPROM. The interface connectors allows the RAM to be accessed by the host computer.

The big gray connectors on the left connect up to my ATARI 1040ST computer through a custom interface that I built in the late 1980's. During the early 1990's I made a new interface to connect up to a HP UNIX workstation. The board also contains a MIDI interface that connected directly to the 1040ST computer.

RS-232 to MIDI Converter

Code: midi.asm

Schematic: Not translated

Device: 68701

This project allowed me to connect my HP UNIX workstation up to a MIDI instrument so that I could record and play back MIDI sequences on a synthesizer. The metal plate on the left has a MIDI in and a MIDI out jack. The plate on the right has a RS-232 connector and power connector (9V DC).

Software Projects

Skateboard Exhibit Interface

Code: skate_board.asm

This code implements a 16-channel 8-bit A/D interface to an amplifier board that is connected to strain gauges on a skateboard. Kids step on the board and a 3D display of how the board deforms is shown on a computer monitor.