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Kinetic Sculptures


Textured pendulums swinging around in space. The number of pendulums and the view can be controlled on the fly.

Special Effects


Face Ball uses a baby's head or an elephant to shoot colored balls at a screen to produce an image. The number of balls and the view can be controlled with menus and the mouse.


Warp is an image warping program that uses texture mapping for acceleration. Features allow the before and after images to be smoothly interpolated between. Images can be loaded in JPEG, PPM and BMP format.


Reflect is a demo that shows off a technique to produce real-time reflections off of a marble surface. The view can be controlled with the mouse and other models/animations (in RNF format) can be loaded using the menus.


Texture Movie uses texture mapping to play movies on a spinning 3D model. The movie frames can be either JPEG or PPM format. The view can be controlled as well as the playback rate.


Splat uses texture mapping to spread an image out over a surface. The new images are applied by a cannon shooting a ball onto the screen. Both JPEG and PPM format are supported for the images. The view can be controlled with the mouse.

Real-time Animations

Skull Fly

Two skulls fly around chomping in the air.

Skell Jumper

A skeleton bends down and jumps up to fly away.

Ring Fly

Fly around a ring chasing a "Catch Me" sign.