ROP Video Production

ROP (Regional Occupational Program) Video Production is a year-long, 2-period class intended for intermediate to advanced computer graphics students who have completed the prerequisite classes of Multimedia I. Multimedia II, while not required, is strongly recommended as experience in other Adobe products is helpful. The class introduces students to the issues, steps, and techniques involved in creating digital video. The main focus of the class is non-linear video editing, and will be taught using HP Compaq Elite 8300 series flat screen computers.

The 2 periods in which the student is enrolled consist of classroom instruction and projects, while the extra time is intended for internship experiences which may take place after school. While some experiences will be provided for students on and off campus, others may wish to find their own internship, and must have these approved by the instructor and the county ROP program.

Course Objectives:

Students will:

  1. Gain knowledge of film and television history/genres
  2. Demonstrate preproduction techniques such as brainstorming, scriptwriting, storyboarding
  3. Demonstrate production techniques such as camera operation, lighting, & audio
  4. Demonstrate techniques for post production such as nonlinear editing, graphics, special effects
  5. Create a video portfolio via DVD, web site, etc.
  6. Show evidence of visual storytelling skills through a completed story video
  7. Understand the importance of individual responsibilities within a cooperative team approach when working with a crew
  8. Understand the importance of time constraints and deadlines for completion of a job
  9. Gain experience in audio- and video-based equipment and software within the editing lab environment
  10. Demonstrate effective evaluative techniques for media content among peers, as well as professional productions
  11. Show a willingness to work beyond the minimum requirements and exhibit effective time management skills
  12. Research and define the different occupations and job titles associated with the video production industry
  13. Explore post-secondary pathways leading to industry jobs

Software used: Adobe CC, including Premiere and Story, Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, Celtx, and various other third party online applications.

Fine Art Credit for University of California

As of the 2011-12 school year, Video Production satisfies the Fine Art requirement for entrance into the UC system, as well as for graduation from Bullard High School. Students must earn a C or better for UC Fine Art credit, and a D or better for high school graduation.


This year the video production class will be responsible for live streaming some events at Bullard High School in partnership with CMAC--Community Media Access Collaborative. This is a new venture for the 2016-17 school year, and we will begin by training students to use the CMAC mobile broadcast van and equipment. All streamed events will be broadcast live (or taped, in some cases) on Comcast Channel 94 or AT&T 99. They may also be seen online at



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