What if my student's home computer is a different platform (PC/Mac) than the one he or she uses in class?

Most of the work for our computer classes is done during class time, and generally the only homework given involves mostly Internet research, in which case the platform makes no difference. In addition, all programs used in our Business Technology and Multimedia classes are considered dual-platform applications—they are available for both PC and Macintosh. They operate almost identically from one platform to another, therefore if your student learns a program on one platform, he should be equally prepared to use the same program on another platform. If your student is enrolled in Video Production, they will be using Adobe Premiere Pro, along with other Adobe and third party programs. Premiere is a dual-platform program, and is very much like Apple's Final Cut Pro. 

What if my student does not have a computer at home?

Again, most work is completed in class. If they fall behind, there are open lab times in my computer lab, and the library also has computers that may be used by students.

When can my student make up work he/she missed?**

Students may come in to work on assignments during any open lab hours. Generally, the lab will be open during 2 or 3 lunch hours each week, and sometimes after school, depending upon Mrs. Q’s schedule. If necessary, additional open lab time may be arranged with Mrs. Q.

Is extra credit available?

Occasionally, but it would NOT be wise to rely on this option. Mrs. Q believes that if all assignments are completed in good faith and submitted in a timely manner, extra credit is not necessary. Unique situations may arise, and these students should see Mrs. Q personally for extra credit requests. The student's motivation level and attitude regarding any and all previous assignments will always be considered important criteria for extra credit eligibility. For example, if they are simply missing several required assignments, indicating they never did them or turned them in, extra credit will probably not be offered. First priority is always placed with required assignments.

What supplies do students need for class?

All the student is required to provide for class is a pen or pencil (and occasionally paper) for worksheets, quizzes and notes. A binder, or binder section, is highly recommended for organization of handouts and graded assignments when they are returned. Returned assignments OFTEN come in handy to study for quizzes and tests.

How can a student find his grade in class?

The best way to get up to date grade information is to log in to our student information system called ATLAS via the Internet.  Students are always welcome to check their grades in the lab before and after class, and may occasionally make a print out of them to bring home. See below for addresses to access ATLAS.

Student Access: Student Portal      Parent Access: 
Parent Portal

Why does my student say he/she has no homework?

This may actually be true. Homework in Mrs. Q's classes is not common since all work is expected to be completed in class. Occasionally, however, activities such as Internet research may be done at home to save class time for completion of projects. Video Production may require a student to complete an occasional assignment from the textbook at home; however, more often video students will be asked to complete the filming of projects outside of class.

How can I contact Mrs. Q?

Email is preferred, and a response is generally quicker if you contact Mrs. Q using becky.quiring@fresnounified.org. If you don't have access to email, you may call Bullard High at 451-4320 and leave a message as to when you are available to be contacted during the day. Responding via the phone takes more time, so please be patient.

What if Mrs. Q needs to contact me?

At the beginning of the class in which your student is enrolled, Mrs. Q always sends home an information sheet or card that should be filled out by the parent or guardian of the student. There are places on the card for phone numbers, and more importantly, EMAIL ADDRESSES. Please be sure these cards are filled out in a timely manner and returned to class. This is the first assignment your student will be given, and it is worth points.